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Team Up Broward Mentoring Program

Introduction/Progr​am Goal:

The “TEAM UP Broward” Mentor-Protégé Pilot Program will encourage relationships between established businesses, local certified small businesses, and community partners. 

This program supports the Board’s values of "ensuring economic opportunities for Broward’s diverse population and businesses, through retention of existing Broward County businesses and the potential to grow business capacity through mentoring relationships, resulting in retained and increased employment across industries."   

A pilot program resolution was recently approved by the Board of Broward County Commission. The pilot program includes: 

​Length of Pilot Program: ​The pilot program will last twelve (12) months, beginning March 2018.
​Number of Mentors: ​Up to seven (7) mentor firms.​​
​Number of Protégés: ​Up to 2 protégé firms per mentor firm. Eligibility limited to protégé firms in the Construction and Professional Services industries only. 
​Application Period: Extended to January 19, 2018
The TEAM UP Mentor-Protégé Pilot Program Application is now available. Email completed applications to:

For more information about the Team UP Broward Mentor-Protégé Pilot Program, view the Executive Summary, Fact Sheet and MPP Program with Timelines above (see links under "Recommended") or email us at