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Bailey Road in Broward County is an example of a complete street.
A "Complete Streets" Program is being implemented in Broward County with plans that will lead to safer streets designed for everyone, whether, on foot or a bus, bicycling or in a car, regardless of age or ability. Complete Streets are roadways designed and constructed for all modes of transportation – automobiles, buses, bicycles and pedestrians. Complete Street guidelines rethink road design and ensure access to the roadways for all users.

Overseeing the program are 12 County employees representing 11 agencies who comprise the Complete Streets team. This team has been working hard to review and recommend ways in which Broward County can implement “Complete Streets” since the Board of County Commissioners approved the planning concept last March.

The Complete Streets team members are: Cynthia Chambers, Environmental Protection and Growth Management; Mark Francis, Human Services; Tom Hutka and Tony Hui, both of Public Works; Chris Walton, Transportation; Scott Brunner, Traffic Engineering; Tim Garling, Broward County Transit; Dr. Jennifer Jurado, Natural Resources Planning and Management; Henry Sniezek, Planning and Redevelopment; Anh Ton, Highway and Bridge Maintenance; Richard Tornese, Highway Construction and Engineering; and Dan West, Parks and Recreation.

“Complete Streets is really a change in culture,” said Henry Sniezek, who coordinates the team. “We have long been a motorized community and now we are locating areas in the County that will readily accept the idea that streets can manage all types of transportation.”

Currently the team is focusing on several key areas to advance the Complete Streets program, including implementing land development codes, roadway standards and transportation policies. The team is also developing and presenting educational outreach programs to the public, and identifying available and potential sources of funding.

“We will be targeting interest groups countywide to provide up-to-date information to the residents as we have. And, we will be looking to work with all Broward municipalities and organizations such as the Metropolitan Planning Organization as well as state and federal groups to obtain additional funding for the program,” Sniezek said.

“This is an ongoing process and we want to work with the areas in Broward County over which we have jurisdiction, and to be a partner in support of those areas in which we do not. Not all streets have the right environment for a complete street, but we will be trying to find areas where they are and move the process forward,” Sniezek concluded.