Broward County’s Human Resources Division recently unveiled a new online tool on the BC-Net to help directors and managers develop and train supervisors. The Management Development Kit is a service designed to help directors and managers assess their teams and customize a development plan tailored to their specific needs.

“We recognize how busy everyone is, but we also know that developing and improving our workforce is important. This new management development resource is easy to use and incorporate into staff meetings, making staff development a part of the agency,” said Kevin Kelleher, Human Resources director.

The Management Development Kit features eight program areas: Overview, Leadership, Communication, Delegation, Process Improvement, Performance Management, Conflict Management and Accountability.

The Overview features a 13-minute introductory video to introduce managers to the kit, explains how the kit works and presents best practices for management development. Each program area also identifies the qualities that are intended to be developed, areas that be will addressed to complete the program, and all of the online resources that are available to successfully complete the program.

“We really wanted to make this easy and convenient for everyone,” said Susan Dellcioppia, manager of Learning and Organizational Development. “The Management Development Kit allows supervisors to choose the program areas they determine to be most important for their team and agency. There is no sequential order required to use the Kit.”

Directors wanting more information can call Learning and Organizational Development at 954-357-7123 or email