Broward County Green Government Measures

A few months ago, we featured green government measures and are proud to showcase even more steps that County agencies have taken to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions to 7 percent below the County’s 1997 levels.

Buildings and Facilities: Installation of Time Clocks at the Midrise Building. This reduced approximately 46,475 kilowatt-hours (kwh) of energy use a year, resulting in 28 tonnes fewer GHG emissions and cost savings of $1,900 per year.

Governmental Center West: Green Showcase Project. Through the installation of new technologies such as photovoltaic (PV) cells in and around the building coupled with various other green initiatives, the Green Showcase Project will reduce the building's carbon footprint while increasing the employee and customer experience.

Broward County is seeking partners in energy efficiency, renewable energy such as solar modules that use industry leading solar technology, water reduction, waste reduction, clean transportation and eco-art. Products received from partners directly help operations become cleaner, more efficient and more sustainable. In return, the County will market the company and their products by displaying the sponsor of every donation being used to promote efficiency.

Please Turn Off The Lights!
Staff has also successfully installed stickers in all conference rooms, break rooms and bathrooms. The stickers remind employees to “Please Turn Off the Lights” to help save energy and the environment..

Airport: South Runway Expansion Project - Solar Power Webcams. The GHG emission reduction benefits associated with this project total 1,266 kwh per year.

Waste and Recycling: Solid Waste and Recycling Services Outreach and Training. Employees gain knowledge of program services and resources, are introduced to actions that empower employees to be environmental stewards and are encouraged to participate with Broward County’s green initiative to reduce the County’s operating costs through reduced disposal fees.

Port Everglades: High Mast Lighting Pilot Project. A 40 percent energy reduction was achieved while the Port’s security/safety required light level standards were maintained or exceeded.

Parks and Recreation: Removal of Invasive Exotic Plants. Parks and Recreation Natural Areas staff removed invasive exotic plants in County-owned natural areas to aid in restoration of the plant communities. Invasive exotic plants within 201.2 acres of natural areas were treated as part of the ongoing exotic plant removal project. This occurred within 15 different natural areas, totaling 2,250 staff hours spent on this project. Removing invasive exotic plants improves the quality and viability of the habitat and reduces competition with native plant species for space, light and nutrient resources. The restored natural areas will provide a healthy, stable habitat, which is more resilient to climate variability

Native Habitat Restoration. Parks and Recreation Natural Resources and Land Management Section planted native trees and shrubs within impacted areas of County-owned natural areas, to restore the plant communities. Native plants provide food and habitat for native animal species, improves the quality and viability of the habitat, provides additional carbon sequestration and storage, and contributes to air pollution remediation. More than 80 trees and 115 native shrubs were planted in two natural areas/parks and removed 15,792 pounds of carbon dioxide from the air this year.