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Over the next several months, Broward County will begin to implement an enterprise-wide training plan for employees in preparation for the rollout of easyPay, which launches in early 2014.

The first phase of the plan involves training for system testers. Approximately 40 County employees, many of them payroll liaisons, will participate in a five-week testing program to evaluate how the new time and attendance system implements the various County and union pay rules. Just to participate in the testing effort, these individuals will complete a two-day training course on “Managing Timecards and Preparing for Payroll.” Testing will then begin in September and continue through early December.

Trainers will have an equally demanding schedule. Designated trainers, many of whom are also payroll liaisons, will attend a “train-the-trainer” workshop in October on how to manage a classroom. This will be followed by a two-day “train-the-trainer” workshop that teaches staff how to actually deliver training to supervisors and payroll liaisons. Online training for all employees begins in December 2013. Classroom training for managers and supervisors will begin in January 2014. Groups of employees will be trained just prior to the time that the new system is implemented for their agency. Training will be supplemented with road shows and “sneak peeks.”

While the agency roll-out schedule is subject to change, the current schedule calls for Aviation, Port Everglades and Water and Wastewater Services, County Administration, ETS, Accounting and Human Resources to launch in January; Transit to launch in March; Parks and Libraries in April; and the remaining agencies in June and July.

“The role of the testers and trainers is vitally important to easyPay, and the County’s broader ERP project,” said County Administrator Bertha Henry, in expressing her appreciation to staff who has worked so long and hard to bring the easyPay project this far. “We will ensure that every employee receives the training they need to be successful in working with our new time and attendance system, and that testing is done to ensure payroll is handled in an accurate, fair and consistent manner, from Day One.”

easyPay is phase one of Broward County’s ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) project, which is a multi-year, enterprise-wide initiative, administered by the Enterprise Technology Services Division, that will replace many stand-alone software systems of individual departments and offices – such as finance, budget, purchasing, payroll and human resource management – into a single, integrated system that runs off a single database. Many governments and private sector organizations have already turned to an ERP to help manage information and resources more effectively.

Stay tuned for more information on easyPay and ERP. If you have questions about easyPay testing or training, contact your payroll liaison, email easyPay@broward.org or visit Broward.org/easyPay.