Broward County to Commemorate a Decade of Electronic RecordingBroward County Records, Taxes and Treasury Division will commemorate a decade of paperless, fully electronic official records document recording this spring. The County expects to exceed 1 million electronically recorded documents by this summer. Official records include deeds, mortgages, satisfaction of mortgages, agreements, liens, notices and other documents that affect property ownership in the County.

“Broward County is very proud to have been an early adopter of electronic document submission. We actually participated in the first fully electronic mortgage loan and home purchase recording process in the United States,” said Tom Kennedy, director of Records, Taxes and Treasury. “Electronic and paperless services provide significant reductions in costs to taxpayers, and increased efficiencies for all parties involved and is directly in line with our goals of reducing environmental impact and continued commitment of providing the best service possible to the people we serve.”

The electronic records process began as a result of identifying solutions to increasing workloads as a result of tremendous real estate growth, cuts in government budgets and meeting the County’s goals of a more efficient workforce. Broward County has one of the largest and busiest recording offices in the United States, and realized that a more automated recording process would offer opportunities for ongoing improvements into the future.

“With technical advancements over the past decade, Broward County’s ability to e-record documents has grown tremendously, and has served as a template for other large counties around the country also experiencing rapid growth coupled with budgetary constraints,” said Kennedy. “About 60 percent of our records volume is now done electronically.”

Paperless electronic recording of official documents will remain a significant benefit for Broward County residents as Records, Taxes and Treasury continues the trend of enhancing services provided by Broward County, providing fast, easy to access and use, cost-effective and efficient services to taxpayers. The Records, Taxes and Treasury website was just recently redesigned to “responsive design” that automatically adjusts to different devices, including smaller mobile and tablet devices, without losing functionality. Regular visitors to this new site are encouraged to update their bookmarks.

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