Special Open Enrollment, March 3 – 14


Lower rates! Human Resources is pleased to announce that there will be a special open enrollment period for dental plans (DHMO and PPO), life insurance and long-term disability. Changes made during the special open enrollment period, March 3 – 14, will take effect April 1. You will receive an individualized paper enrollment form via interoffice mail.

Take the Plunge: The 30-day Wellness Challenge

peach in water

Human Resources is excited about the amount of participation in the County’s wellness programs. Many employees are actively participating in the online wellness program, HumanaVitality. Tip: HumanaVitality members have to complete the online health assessment to determine their vitality age and complete the Vitality check (biometric assessment). Doing both allows you to fully engage in the program and enjoy the extra perks.

As an added incentive, we have created a 30-day challenge: Complete the online assessment and Vitality check by March 31, and you will be entered in a raffle to win a Fitness packet; including the most prized pedometer of all, a FitBit Flex. If you have already completed your assessment and Vitality check, you will be automatically included in the raffle. Visit Broward.org/MyWellness for the latest events.


Fourth Quarter Biggest Winners

The fourth quarter biggest winner challenge came to an exciting close in January. Congratulations to all the winners who focused on maintaining a healthier lifestyle; especially during the holidays, which is never an easy feat!


Garfield Webbe Harold Graham & Tralondra Rothman Jacquelyn Adams Mike Zygneraski
Garfield Webbe Harold Graham & Tralondra Rothman Jacquelyn Adams Mike Zygnerski
Erin Daniels Helen Hinton Judy Fink Garvin Manswell and William A. Williams
Erin Daniels Helen Hinton Judy Fink William A. Williams and Garvin Manswell
Roy Gibbons
Roy Gibbons

Special congratulations to Transit co-workers Harold, Tralondra, Garvin and William who tied for the lead at Transit Copans and Ravenswood facilities! Some of this quarter’s winners are veterans and friendly competition is always a great motivation to win. Each winner received a Get Fit & Go packet. For information on participating in the Biggest Winner challenge, visit Broward.org/MyWellness or contact Wellness Coordinator Lisa Wright.