Protect Physical Access to Your Personal Computer

computer with lock and chain

Your login and a strong password protect access to your personal computer (PC) and the County’s network. Throughout the course of a busy day you may be working on a document and have to walk away from your PC. If you do not lock your PC another person can access documents and send emails based on your login.

You can prevent this by locking your PC anytime you walk away from it. This is critical if you handle confidential data and work in an area that is accessible to the public.

Locking your PC is very easy.

keyboard key

The combination of the Windows key + L will lock your PC. You will be forced to login to continue working when you return. Get in the habit of locking your PC when you are not in front of it.

You do not want your co-workers to send an email on your behalf inviting everyone in your office to lunch at your expense!