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May Focus is on Health, Fitness and Travel

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May has great holidays, such as Cinco de Mayo, Memorial Day weekend, and it is the start of summer vacations. This is an excellent opportunity for those traveling to have the information for Global Rescue – Travel Assistance Services on hand. You do not have to enroll as this is included in Group Life Insurance coverage. Remember, all benefit eligible County employees are provided a basic life insurance. You and your family members are automatically covered and coverage includes Emergency Assistance Services and Online Pre-trip Resources. For more information regarding Global Rescue and Life Insurance, please visit your Benefits page.

For those who are unable to travel, pull out your sneakers and gym clothes! May is also Health and Fitness Month. When we feel flustered or stressed, we often go to our food cravings, like cookies or ice cream. Instead, we should focus on physical activities. Don’t bother waiting for the elevator to come, take the stairs. Incorporate walks into your daily rhythm. This month, we have some exciting, no-sweat events scheduled throughout the County! We have yoga sessions and sit-to-be-fit-classes. Visit the Wellness web page for more information.

Presentations on Transitioning into Medicare

Albert “Bert” Valery of Valery Insurance Agency, Inc. will host "Transitioning into Medicare" Presentations, May 12-16. This is great opportunity if you are Medicare-eligible or nearing Medicare age. If you are confused with all of the options available, attend Bert’s educational presentations to learn more. Covered topics will include how each segment of Medicare (A, B, C and D) works and their costs as well as Medigap choices. The presentations will take place at the following locations:

For more information, contact Employee Benefit Services at 954-357-6700.

Wellness Tip: Keeping Stress under Control

Spending just a few minutes each day in a tension/stress relieving activity pays off with a stronger immune system, an improved outlook and more energy. Doing a quick stretch or a walk can drain away the stress.