individuals taking phone calls
Last year, the Office of Public Communications' Call Center Specialists received and responded to 375,000 resident calls. That is an average of about 31,000 calls per month, or 7,200 call per week. Of these calls, 53 percent are answered in less than 24 seconds. Now that’s something to be proud of!

The Call Center – dial 311 – is a multilingual one-stop customer information center that offers residents, businesses and visitors easy access to accurate information on most Broward County services and programs. The Call Center is open from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday, and under emergency conditions, the Call Center is open 24/7.

The Call Center is often the first line of communication for County agencies, including Environmental Licensing and Building Permitting; Pollution Prevention, Remediation and Air Quality; Animal Care and Adoption; and Records, Taxes and Treasury.

The two areas that prompt the most calls annually are property taxes and animal care. However, when tax statements are mailed in November, the Call Center receives about 20,000 calls with inquiries about payment arrangements, discounts for early payment, questions about tax increases and more. “We are the first line for property tax payments and work closely each year with Records, Taxes and Treasury to ensure we have the most up-to-date information to provide our residents,” said Ajani Starks, Call Center Manager.

Starks said that a high number of calls regarding animals are received year-round. “Callers want to know what can be done about a nuisance dog roaming the neighborhood, report animal cruelty or an animal bite; ask how to get their dog or cat spayed or neutered; or ask for assistance in finding a missing pet."

According to Starks, the subject of the calls will vary from smoking vehicles, notices that an elevator license has expired and needs a renewal certification, to building permits and making inspection schedules for electricians, plumbers and roofers, and requests for recorded documents, such as deeds, mortgages, court papers, plats and maps and more. Soon the Call Center will be taking on calls from Code Compliance, Traffic Engineering and Mosquito Control.

“Our calls run the gamut of all the services provided by the County,” said Starks. “Our Call Center Specialists are very adept at getting to the heart of the questions presented by the callers and can readily peel the layers back to get to the root of the question even if the caller is not quite sure where their problem lies,” Starks said.

"While the statistics are impressive, none of this would be accomplished without the dedicated call takers that we have and their constant attention to detail and providing Their Best. Nothing Less," Starks said.

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