About the Management & Efficiency Study Committee


Section 10.01 of the Broward County Charter, as amended, provides for the appointment of a 17-member Management and Efficiency Study Committee (Efficiency Committee). The Efficiency Committee is authorized and empowered to conduct a comprehensive study of County government. This review shall include an analysis and study of the most effective and cost-efficient means to provide services to Broward County residents. Its authority is advisory to the County Commission.

The first Efficiency Committee was formed in 1998, followed by a second in 2004 and a third in 2009, which recently completed its two-year term in June 2011. An interim report was submitted to the Commission in June 2010 and a final report was issued in June 2011.

The next Management and Efficiency Study Committee will convene in June 2020. Members shall be appointed on the first Tuesday in June 2020 and every ten (10) years thereafter. The term of each member shall expire on the first Tuesday of June, two (2) years after the year each member was appointed. The Efficiency Committee will provide the County Commission with an interim report of recommendations no later than one (1) year prior to the expiration of its term and a final report prior to the expiration of the Efficiency Committee’s term. ​​