Management and Efficiency Study Committee Members
Member Nominated by Term
Roy Gold Chair: Roy Gold District 3 4/28/2009-6/7/2011
Julie Carson Vice Chair: Julie Carson District 4 4/28/2009-6/7/2011
Robin Bartieman Robin Bartleman Broward County School Board 6/2/2009-6/7/2011
Hayward J. Benson Jr. Hayward J. Benson Jr. District 1
Michael Carn Michael E. Carn Broward Alliance 6/2/2009-6/7/2011
Gordon Deckelbaum Gordon Deckelbaum District 6 6/2/2009-6/7/2011
Neal deJesus Neal R. deJesus District 5 4/28/2009-6/7/2011
Shelley Eichner Shelley Eichner District 8 4/28/2009-6/7/2011
Tom Green Tom Green Broward County League of Cities 6/2/2009-6/7/2011


Alice Levy


League of Women Voters of Broward County 6/2/2009-6/7/2011
Reid Morgan Reid Morgan District 7 6/2/2009-6/7/2011
Burnadette Norris-Weeks Burnadette Norris-Weeks District 2 6/2/2009-6/7/2011
Tim Petrillo Tim Petrillo Broward Workshop 6/2/2009-6/7/2011
Laurie Plotnick Laurie E. Plotnick Legislative Delegation (Senate) 6/2/2009-6/7/2011
Stacy Ritter Stacy Ritter Commissioner 6/2/2009-6/7/2011
Mike Stern Mike Stern Legislative Delegation (House) 6/2/2009-6/7/2011


Executive Director Herb Parlato




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