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Environmental Resource Permits
Licenses & Applications

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State Air Permit Applications and Forms| State of Florida Fee Schedule
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Listed below are the applications needed for the various permits and licenses issued by the environmental regulatory agencies under the Environmental Protection and Growth Management Department.

Broward County Fee Schedule

For additional details on the Fee Schedule for Chapter 27 of the Broward County Code of Ordinances, please click here (PDF)

Air Quality

Broward County Air License Applications and Forms

(If you are unsure whether a county license or state permit is required, or the type of permit you need, we recommend that you first contact the Air Quality Program at 954-519-1260)

State of Florida Air Permit Applications and Forms

License and Permit Fees:

Broward County Fee Schedule**

    • County Air License, per emission unit $180.00
    • County Air License, Groundwater & Soil Decontamination / Remediation $180.00
    • Parking Facility, per project $1,200.00
    • Transfer of County Air License $100.00
    • Extension of County Air License $50.00

State of Florida Air Permit Fee Schedule**

**Payment for Broward County Air License or State of Florida Air Permit application fees may be made by check payable to Broward County Board of Commissioners, or by credit card:


Hazardous Material

Tree Removal

Waste Management Section

Solid Waste Management Facilities


Domestic Wastewater Licensing

Non-Domestic (Industrial) Activity

Surface Water Management

Payment for application fees may be made by check payable to Broward County Board of County Commissioners or by credit card:

Aquatic and Wetland Resources

Environmental Resource Permits

Delegation Agreement (PDF)

  Efective October 1st, 2013

    Joint Application for ERP

  Fees 10-01-2013:

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