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August 2015
August 2015
FLL Opens New Concourse
Broward County’s Fort Lauderdale-Hollywood International Airport (FLL) opened its first new concourse in more than a decade on July 14th. Passengers using Terminal 4 can now enjoy an expanded 34,000 square feet concession area with new restaurants and shops, more restrooms, more seating, and an interactive walkway art project. Among the new restaurants are Zona Fresca, Desano Pizza and Bakery, Plane Box Food Co. and Casavana Cuba Cuisine. New shops include Hoffman’s Chocolates, CNBC Smartshop, Coastal Expression and Shades of Time. The opening of Concourse G is part of the first phase of a $450 million expansion and modernization project underway in the terminal. The second phase should begin later this year and be completed in mid-2018.

Residents Urged to Conserve Water
Broward is experiencing a drier than normal rainy season this year. Eastern parts of the County are under extreme drought conditions while the remainder are experiencing severe drought. Broward urges residents to practice good management of water resources. Landscape irrigation is only allowed two days a week, depending on address, and no watering is allowed between 10AM and 4PM. Odd-numbered addresses may water Wednesdays and/or Saturdays and even-numbered addresses, or those who irrigate addresses within the same zones, may water on Thursdays and/or Sundays. Visit More...

The Truth About Uber in Broward County
Commissioners recently approved a regulation that allows transportation network companies (TNCs) such as Uber and Lyft, to legally operate in the County. It consists of three basic rules for TNCs: provide safe drivers, safe vehicles and the same insurance that state law already requires. The new regulation is less stringent than those Uber operates under now in New York City and Houston, and it meets all TNC demands for no regulation of fares and the number of vehicles allowed. This action followed months of research, discussion and debate, with public comment from TNC officials, their employees and representatives, and other drivers for hire. More...

New Ordinance Prohibits Solicitation at Busy Intersections
Asking for money or attempting to sell items is now illegal at 20 of Broward County’s busiest intersections. Broward Commissioners passed an ordinance prohibiting vendors and solicitors from high traffic intersections in areas wholly or partially located within the Broward Municipal Services District, formerly known as the unincorporated areas of Broward County. Those covered under the ordinance include children, adolescents and adults collecting money for school and community activities; vendors selling flowers, newspapers and other items; and individuals seeking charitable donations or money at the identified high traffic volume intersections. The goal is to save lives by reducing the number of vehicle accidents involving pedestrians. More...

BCT Driver Commendations Up 136 Percent
With hundreds of buses on the road, Broward County Transit (BCT) is proud to receive compliments about its drivers from customers. Between this year and last, customer compliments have increased by 136 percent. Riders continue to share feedback that BCT drivers have gone above and beyond their regular duties of transporting customers and have been professional, patient and courteous. Last year, BCT drivers provided 40 million rides for Broward passengers. Visit our website at and learn more about the services provided by Broward County Transit.

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Broward Moment

The McKillop-Hutton Lion Farm opened in Fort Lauderdale in 1936 at a large former rock quarry, near where the Gateway Theater which is now located, at Northeast 10th Street near Federal Highway. It served as a breeding farm for zoos and circuses. In 1939, the showman and circus animal trainer Clyde Beatty purchased the Lion Farm. Beatty turned the Lion Farm into the winter home for his Circus and a local tourist attraction, the Clyde Beatty’s Jungle Zoo. Over time, Beatty’s neighbors voiced their displeasure with escaped monkeys and roaring lions at night. This lead to tightened zoning regulations which ultimately forced Beatty in 1945 to take the show back on the road as a traveling circus.

The McKillop-Hutton Lion Farm

Broward Moments are significant milestones in the County’s 100-year history that have contributed to the rich culture, creative vitality and economic growth of our community.

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