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October 21, 2014
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Project Team and Sponsors
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 Project Sponsors

 Project Team

 Change Management Team

 Agency Subject Matter Experts

  • Accounting Division: Nigel Nandlal
  • Accounting Division: Priscilla Acuna
  • Aviation Department: Jackie Jackson
  • Enterprise Technology Services: Alison Redmond, Carol Munemura
  • Environmental Protection & Growth Management Department: Trinette Webster
  • Human Resources Division: Rebecca Robertson
  • Human Services Department: Wendy King
  • Libraries Division: Jeff Tottenhoff
  • Office of Intergovernmental Affairs and Professional Standards: Linda Ross
  • Office of Public Communications: Jennifer O’Brien
  • Parks and Recreation: Diane Ramsay
  • Port Everglades Department: Ed Stupi and Peg Buchan
  • Public Works Department: Rita Durocher
  • Transportation Department: Nikola Brooks and Alex Little

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