Testing Team

Approximately 40 employees, many of them Payroll Liaisons, will participate in a five-week test of the various County and union pay rules. These individuals will receive mandatory tester training on “Managing Timecards and Preparing for Payroll.” The results of their testing efforts will ensure that County employees are paid properly.

 Testing Team*
 Name  Agency
 Ann Adams (Gwendolyn)  Parks and Recreation
 Barry Ballester Environmental Protection and Growth Management
 Lisa Banks Facilities Management
 Nikola Brooks Transit
 Brandi Bryant Records, Taxes and Treasury
 Shakia Burton Libraries
 Adrian Chance Transit
 Carletta Christian Transit
 Matt Constantine ETS
 Cathie Corsetti  Water & Waste Water 
 Ron Costello Port Everglades
 Albert Cummings Environmental Protection and Growth Management
 Rita Durocher Public Works
 Adelaida Eiras Port Everglades
 Tonya Fletcher Development Management
 Maribel Garcia Transit
 Joyce Greene Facilities Management
 Joan Haddad Parks and Recreation
 Charles Hollis Transit
 Paul Ironman Transit
 Jacqueline Jackson Legal Administrator
 Tracey Kelly Libraries
 Marlene Labreche Water & Waste Water Services
 Clara Llanos Aviation
 Roxana Maina Traffic Engineering
 Davia McDonald Port Everglades
 Sam Merzius Transit
 Nina Moore Human Resources
 Carol Munemura ETS
 Nigel Nandial Accounting
 Kao Ng Libraries
 Wendy Novack ETS
 Vickie Pierce Human Services
 Geoffroy Prevost Port Everglades
 Diane Ramsay Parks
 Rebecca Robertson Human Resources
 Mike Shannon Solid Waste and Recycling Services
 Phil Sheu ETS
 Jean L. Smith Human Services
 Tiffany Batten Water & Wastewater Services
 Christine Sweeney Libraries
 Belinda Thomas Transit
 Carol Wilschke Environmental Protection and Growth Management
 Allen Wilson Human Resources
*Participants subject to change.