A Word From Our Employees

As easyPay moves through its various stages of implementation, employees will be featured on the easyPay website providing their perspectives on the project. Here are a collection of perspectives as featured on the website and promoted in Sun eNews


Brandy Marino 

Brandy Marino
Publications Specialist I, Animal Care and Adoption
“I thoroughly enjoyed the easyPay Foundations tutorial. It explains how to punch in and out and also how to request time off and check to see if it’s approved. I really like the user-face and icons. I look forward to using easyPay because it makes it so much easier with everything at your fingertips.”


Mary Noe 

easyPay Takes the Forecasting out of Time and Attendance

Mary Noe
Human Resources Officer, Parks and Recreation
“We will no longer forecast attendance on time sheets and make adjustments to correct the past. easyPay will be based in real time, it’s more accurate, and that’s a big improvement. While people have some concerns about familiarizing themselves with a new system, the benefits will outweigh the concerns." -- September 2, 2014


Gwen Mcray 

Gwen McRay from Elderly & Veterans Services has Joined the easyPay Fan Club

Gwen McRay
Senior Office Support Specialist, Elderly & Veterans Services
“This will really be great! By time the first three pay periods have past and we’ve signed-in, requested leave, used the time clock and all the kinks are worked out, it will become second nature. I want to encourage my colleagues to keep a positive attitude and be proactive, stay informed. Reach out to your supervisor, supervisors should reach out to payroll liaisons, and everyone will be very happy that the County took this initiative.” – July 29, 2014


Carriann Horstead 

Carriann Horstead, BARC Administrative Aide Shares Passion for easyPay

Carriann Horstead
Detox Administrative Aide, BARC
easyPay will make everyone’s life so much easier. Especially at BARC, we have odd shifts, odd hours, longer shifts, working all hours of the day and night. We have to consider over time, shift differentials and a variety of lunch schedules. It will be easier for everyone to get paid correctly. Supervisors will come to love it. Payroll will be able to come out faster and easier.” --July 14, 2014


Ramon Canals 

easyPay Simplifies Time Keeping  for Ramon Canals, Print Shop Manager

Ramon Canals
Print Shop Manager, Office of Public Communications
“I review easyPay online on a daily basis. It takes all the guess work out of trying to follow all the union rules. It’s now built right into the system. For the manager, it simplifies the time keeping process. If there are any errors, it will let you know and you can address it as it happens in real time. I’ve gotten positive feedback from employees. Overall, it’s been a positive experience. I look forward to timesheets disappearing and only using easyPay.” --July 7, 2014

Jeff O’Connor 

Worker’s Compensation Manager Finds easyPay a Helpful Management Tool

Jeff O’Connor
Workers Compensation Manager, Risk Management Division
easyPay will be great. I used it in the private sector. Approving leave requests are easy to do and addressing daily exceptions are a breeze. The system causes you to get involved with your own workforce. Managers are now more actively responsible for addressing their own unit’s issues like absenteeism, tardiness and service coverage. I can now view a schedule for all employees in the operation rather than individual schedules. When approving a leave request, I can see the whole coverage picture.” --July 1, 2014

Mitch Cohen 

Purchasing Agent Mitch Cohen Gives easyPay Tutorial Rave Review

Mitch Cohen
Purchasing Agent, Purchasing Division
"Foundations was very clear. Intuitive. It walks you right through it. We’re moving forward and that’s good. It will now be easier to access your own information and keep tabs on job basis leave, sick leave and vacation. It will all be right there in front of you." --June 2, 2014

Bill Koach 

Phase 1 Supervisors get into the easyPay Groove

Bill Koach
Business Support Services Manager, ETS
With one week “under their belts,” employees from Aviation, County Administration, Finance and Administrative Services Administration, Payroll Central and ETS experienced a pretty smooth transition to easyPay. Bill Koach, Business Support Services Manager from ETS indicates that the Time Clock registration went according to plan and the Kronos Time and Attendance System, while intuitive, takes getting used to as anything new might. From Bill’s perspective, “the more you become familiar with the system, your comfort level increases dramatically. I just approved eight different time-off requests. I used the Common Tasks for Supervisors Quick Reference Card which is a big help. It summarizes very nicely the steps to perform the most important tasks required for a Supervisor.” Bill said that transitioning to easyPay is a learning process. In time, “the automation for processing payroll will diminish our paper load and allow better control of leave slips and time cards. --April 22, 2014


Vishal Singh 

Payroll Central Employee Gives Foundations Tutorial
Two Thumbs-Up

Vishal Singh
Accounting Division/Payroll Central
"The tutorial was self-explanatory and I was able to follow it right through. I think that anyone who uses it will grasp the concept of what is being taught. It walks you through the different colors that are used to identify discrepancies on the time card. It helps you understand how to identify missing punches, or unexcused absences, in order to correct them and process the time card for the current pay period. Also, it had a section where you can use reports to drill down on the time card for the entire pay period. Employees can go under reports and select options to run reports for the current pay period to view their hours. It will be so much easier to process timecards.” --March 31, 2014

Employees Give Foundations Tutorial a Five Star Rating  

Judith CharltonJudith Charlton
“I thought Foundations training was easy, straightforward, interesting and I will do the other two tracks because I have managers and supervisors who are asking me questions. It will be an advantage for me to have this extra knowledge. Foundations is user friendly and no problem at all. I could even back-up to re-read a page if I wanted to. I had no issues whatsoever.” --March 21, 2014

Freddy GallegoFreddy Gallego
“It flowed very well. I don’t think anyone should have any problems with it. For the most part, the time clock seemed fairly easy to use. With the training, everyone should get a good grasp of it. It makes it very simple.” --March 21, 2014

Linda Adams PowellAviation Employee Looks Forward to easyPay’s Take Off

Linda Adams-Powell
“I am glad we finally are coming to terms that we need a new time and attendance system. I was previously with the state prior to 2005 and all this work was done on a PC, uploaded to the supervisor and released to Tallahassee for paychecks. For the County to finally come back to a similar system is a welcome relief. The paper thing is so antiquated and I am looking forward to it. I am an Office Manager in the credentialing area of Aviation where we issue badges for access privileges. Our team of twenty has reviewed an easyPay pre-launch presentation and introductory information about training which is coming soon. This is laying the groundwork for further instructions. It will take a little getting used to. Some people don’t like change but that wasn’t the feedback here. We are ready to see how things will work and it will be a shift in responsibility for the supervisor. I am excited that Aviation is in Phase 1. There may be glitches but we will work it out. There won’t be any fear once we get used to it. A lot of our people don’t use computers, but we need to embrace what will take place. They will come around and we need to encourage them to see all the good aspects of having this. Once they get it, they will see that it is a convenience.” --March 11, 2014

Mike NapoldEmployee Testing of easyPay System Assures Future Success


Mike Napold
“The days of paper and pen are over with. We’re in the information age and it is time to get on board. This is where we’re going. This project for me has been so exciting because we’re getting into what this generation is all about now. This is the wave of the future and we are in that wave. This fear of the unknown is a healthy fear. The new easyPay time and attendance system will make what you’re doing more efficient and it will free you up.” --February 11, 2014

Jackie JacksoneasyPay Will Simplify the Payroll Process 


Jackie Jackson
PACER - Aviation Department
easyPay…it’s wonderful actually! I’m in charge of payroll. easyPay is an excellent concept and it will be much easier to handle our payroll. We have 500 people on staff – and have so much paper to sort through, deliver, and answer questions. It is very time consuming. easyPay will certainly be easier on our staff when it comes to answering questions since people are inputting into a system that we’re not touching. We’ve participated in unit testing and are helping to move easyPay forward. We’ve been leaving our jobs to go to the War Room to learn the process as we go along. Our payroll people are learning how the system is actually working long before they go to general training.” --November 15, 2013
Rita DurochereasyPay Will Make Timekeeping and Payroll Processing Easier for Everyone!


Rita Durocher
PACER - Public Works Department
“As I go through Kronos courses, I can see that easyPay will be an easier payroll process for payroll liaisons. It really makes it easier for everyone across the board. No more leave slips to send to supervisors. Everything processed online. It will be easier for the employee to enter requests and exceptions. It’s easier for supervisors in that they can verify time against the schedule online and make changes online if they have to. You can edit schedules online, not just for one person, but even for a group at one time. This is an exception based reporting system and it’s all online! What else can you ask for? Man, if we had this in Facilities a couple of years ago, it would have been golden. I would not have been pulling my hair out. Once we get over the learning curve of doing things online, I think we will be great. The more classes I take, the more I can envision us transitioning to the new system.” --October 18, 2013 

Bill KoachePay Statement Gets Rave Reviews!

Bill Koach
"I like the new online ePay Statement. It includes a summary statement with the value of the benefits. A lot of people like to see this. It’s very beneficial. Access to easyPay is nice and easy too! You have options to view, just click and the ePay Statement is right there. The employee can focus on the actual statement itself. It’s a very good feature and we’re getting a lot of positive feedback as well. It’s convenient to read the statement online and it is formatted nicely. I can track the summary statement at the bottom and it is easy to follow. This is so much easier and better than the small pay stub. Now that we’re all familiar with how to log-on, it’s easy!” --September 17, 2013

Dwight ThompsonPACERS Can Hardly Wait For easyPay’s Implementation!

Dwight Thompson
PACER - Community Partnerships
“When I first came to the County in 2008, I thought payroll would be automated. That’s how it was when I was in the private sector. I couldn’t believe my first timesheet! I was told plans were in place for us to be automated at some point in the future. Then, in 2012, I heard conversation about the roll-out of an automated system---and I soon realized that this was easyPay. I was excited when I was asked to be a PACER. Now I can’t wait until it’s fully implemented!” --September 10, 2013

PACERS Look Forward to easyPay’s Arrival

Patty Bailey
PACER - Broward Addiction Recovery Center
“I’m excited! Most management staff is excited, but a little apprehensive about what will be required from them. They supervise a large number of people at a 24/7 facility, so we will be unique. In the long run, it’s the best thing. You’ll be diligent about checking time daily and not waiting until Monday afternoon paper work. You can do the verification/audit online so you won’t get behind. Supervisors won’t have to chase down leave slips, or call people. There is a learning curve at first, but they won’t have to figure out overtime vs. premium overtime. The machine will figure out the math. The electronic system will allow supervisors to verify more accurately when employees come in and leave. It will help to more readily resolve questions. It creates an objective way to determine when employees come and go." --September 3, 2013

Teratha BrooksPACER’S Perspective Provides an Insider’s View of easyPay

Teratha Brooks
“I see easyPay as a change in the way we do things, but a change for the better! So many times we stay in the same way of doing things, but sometimes it’s better to get out and change. Become more efficient and improve our processes. For my organization, ETS, we are part of easyPay. I’ve seen staff working the processes—developing the application and training. My job is to inform and be a cheerleader in the process. Yea….it’s coming! I’m like the first to know because it is happening right in front of me! I was at beginning demos before we chose a vendor. It’s exciting to see where we were at the beginning and where we are now.” --August 20, 2013

Albert CummingsPACERS Get the Word Out About easyPay

Albert Cummings
PACER - Planning and Redevelopment Division 
“It’s a transition that will make things easier for everybody once we become comfortable with it. I keep the people in my division apprised of the information that I receive in PACERS’ bulletins. Each time I read the bulletins, I write out a synopsis and sent it out to my division. I try to address their list of questions and also share information from PACERS’ meetings. We're 'movin on up' and forward as Broward County employees. I'm going to get a small plant and nurture its growth to remind me of the trees we've saved. Hooray!" --August 6, 2013

Roxi MainaPACER’S  Enthusiasm for New ePay Statement is Contagious!

Roxi Maina
PACER - Traffic Engineering Division 
“I love the new ePay Statement. When questions come up, I usually know the answer or I will find it out. It gives you your leave balances, and the way it is spread out is easy on the eyes. It was also an excellent bonus to see how much the County contributes for each one of us every time.” --July 30, 2013


Rita McManusPACERS’ Perspective Puts Payroll Liaisons in the easyPay Spotlight 

Rita McManus
PACER - Accounting Division
"The payroll liaison function is so important to the success of easyPay and for payroll in general. It's a role that is often downplayed, but it is very critical." --July 23, 2013



Cyndy BakerAnd Now a Word From Our PACERS

Cyndy Baker
PACER - Parks and Recreation Division
“It’s really important that we get the word out about easyPay. We’re reaching out to our employees through email, our monthly enewsletter, posters and printed materials, and in any way we can. We are also working very closely with our IT section and accounting groups.” --July 2, 2013