New Employees

This is an exciting time to join the Broward County family. We are transitioning our payroll and timekeeping system to easyPay, a new state-of-the-art system that utilizes an electronic time clock and confidential online access to your payroll information. This new system is a more accurate, efficient and consistent payroll and timekeeping system, and since it reduces our reliance on paper, it’s also environmentally friendly!

Your coworkers have already learned a lot about easyPay. As a new hire, we want to be sure you are informed as well. Here are answers to some initial questions you may have. We invite to you explore our website,, for more information. Your supervisor or your agency’s payroll liaison will be happy to answer additional questions, or you can email your questions to


Q. How will I be paid?
A.  Broward County employees are paid every two weeks. The recommended method is by direct deposit into a bank account. Broward County employees are eligible for a free checking or savings account from our financial partners, Wells Fargo Bank, and the City-County Credit Union. We have a small number of employees who prefer to have their pay deposited to a Rapid! PayCard, which works like a debit card. Your supervisor and/or payroll liaison can provide you with information to help you choose the option that works best for you. Broward County does not issue manual (paper) paychecks. 

Q. Do I get a pay stub, so I can review my earnings to date?
A. Beginning with the September 6, 2013 payday, paper pay stubs will be replaced with online ePay statements. You can access your confidential ePay statement already, through a secure employee website, Access the website by entering your user name and password. Select easyPay, and enter your unique employee number to view your statement. You can view and/or print your ePay statement at your County work station, at home, or on one of several conveniently located public use computers in County facilities. You’ll also be able to view your ePay statement through most smart phones or mobile devices (quality of viewing experience may vary based on device and/or browser). If you have problems viewing your statement, contact the ETS Service Desk at 954-357-8600, or email|

Q. What is the purpose of the employee website?
A. The purpose of the website is to give you access to a variety of employee information inside or outside the Broward County network, from your work or home computer, smart phone or other mobile device with access to the internet. This website is a secure gateway to your ePay statement, but also offers access to many other services, including the employee intranet, BC-Net, employee discounts and special offers, and employee e-publications, including Sun eNews and eCountyLine. You can also check your webmail, explore learning opportunities and enroll in online classes or register in the Learning Center. 
Q. How will I report my hours worked?
A.  That depends on your job classification and any applicable union rules. Each employee (except for casual employees) will have his or her normal work schedule entered into easyPay. Salaried employees will report time in easyPay on an exception basis only, utilizing a computer. If you are an hourly employee, you will use a time clock to report your time daily. The time clock uses Touch ID technology to verify your identity. Touch ID technology reads the shape of your finger, converts it to a numeric string, and matches it to your employee number. Each time you use Touch ID, the time clock verifies your identity using this unique combination. You’ll also use easyPay to request leave. 
Q. Will I receive additional training on easyPay?
A. Yes! All employees, including supervisors and managers, will receive instruction on how to report and approve time, and request and approve leave. 


Remember: You’ll receive additional information on easyPay in the workplace. Visit the website,, for more information, talk to your supervisor and/or your agency’s payroll liaison, or email your questions to