rapid! PayCard


Q. What is a PayCard?
A. A PayCard is one of two ways that Broward County employees can choose to be paid. The recommended method is by direct deposit into a bank account. County employees are eligible for a free checking or savings account from our financial partners, Wells Fargo Bank and the City-County Credit Union. For employees who choose not to participate in direct deposit, the rapid! PayCard is a prepaid Visa debit card that does not require a credit check. Your payroll will be deposited to your PayCard, which you can then use at millions of ATMs and merchant locations worldwide, wherever Visa debit cards are accepted. You can withdraw cash from the amount on your PayCard at any bank displaying the VISA logo.

Q. What kind of purchases can I make using the Paycard?
A. You can make purchases with your PayCard anywhere debit and credit transactions are accepted. Each transaction deducts from the balance available on your PayCard. You can only spend the money that is available on your PayCard.

Q. How do I make purchases with the PayCard?
A. To use your PayCard at a store, either swipe your card or hand it to the cashier. If you choose “Debit,” enter your PIN when prompted to complete the transaction. If you choose “Credit,” verify and accept the amount and sign your name. Take your card and receipt. These “Debit” and “Credit” transactions deduct the amount of your purchase from your PayCard. You can also use the PayCard for online and phone purchases. Just follow the instructions the merchant gives you online or over the phone.

Q. Can I get cash from my PayCard?
A. Yes. You can get cash from an ATM, and you can get cash back from an in-store purchase. To get cash from an ATM, insert your card into the machine and enter your PIN when prompted. Select “Checking” and the amount you want to withdraw (limit $1,000 per day). Accept the fee if applicable. Take your cash and your card. To get cash back from an in-store purchase, swipe your card or give it to a cashier. Select “Debit” as your method of payment and enter your PIN when prompted. Tell the cashier the amount of cash back you would like to receive. Take the cash, card and receipt. There is no fee for a cash back transaction.

Q.  What will the PayCard look like?
A. The PayCard is issued by Bancorp Bank and will have two logos on it: the VISA logo and the rapid!$ logo. It will also contain your card number, your name, card expiration date and the words “Request Photo ID.” Requiring a photo ID helps protect you if your card is lost or stolen. For business transactions, it provides confirmation that the cardholder is the rightful owner. View PayCard.

Q.  Do I get a new PayCard each payday?
A.  No, the PayCard you initially receive will be automatically reloaded each pay period. Therefore, do not throw away your card, even if the balance is depleted.

Q. Is the card secure? 
A. Yes. When you activate your card you will select a Personal Identification Number (PIN). A PIN is required when you choose to use the debit option for purchases. Credit type purchases do not require a PIN number.

Q.  How do I know when my payroll funds are available?
A. Your pay will typically be available by 10:00 EST on the morning of your payday. You can check your balance anytime by calling PayCard customer support at 1-888-727-4314 or by visiting www.rapidfs.com, a secure website. You can also access monthly statements online at www.rapidfs.com, or you can elect to receive a monthly statement by mail.

Q.  Are there fees for the PayCard?  
A. Some transactions do have fees associated with them, including transactions at out-of-network ATMs. Broward County negotiated with the PayCard vendor for lower fees than those listed in the standard PayCard cardholder agreement. See Employee/Cardholder Fee Schedule for a complete listing of Broward County employee fees. Transactions at an Allpoint ATM do not have a fee. To find an Allpoint ATM, visit allpointnetwork.com. There are over 1,000 ATMs in a 50 mile radius of Fort Lauderdale.

Q. How do I receive a PayCard?
A. You must first fill out the PayCard Authorization Form. Visit the BC-Net, click FORMS and select PAYROLL FORMS, or ask your Payroll Liaison for a copy. Return the completed form to Broward County Payroll Central by interoffice mail, fax to 954-357-5550, or scan and email to payroll@broward.org. New PayCards must be activated before first use, by calling PayCard customer support at 888-727-4314. 
Q. What should I do if I lose my PayCard?
A. First, know that your money is protected with Visa Zero Fraud Liability. Immediately call PayCard customer support at 1-888-727-4314 to report the card lost or stolen and either request a new card or contact Payroll Central to be issued a replacement card immediately. You can pick up an immediate replacement card, which will not have your name on it, during regular business hours at Payroll Central. You will have to call PayCard customer support at 888-727-4314 to activate the new card and to request a replacement card with your name on it. If you choose to request a replacement card by mail, it will take 7 to 10 business days to receive the new card. There is no fee for a replacement card.
Q. How do I report fraudulent charges on my PayCard?
A. Call PayCard customer support at 888-727-4314 and follow the instructions to process a claim.