Reporting Time Worked


Q. How will I report my hours worked?
A. That depends on your job classification and any applicable union rules. Each employee (except for casual employees) will have his or her normal work scheduled entered into easyPay. If you are a salaried employee, you will report time in easyPay on an exception basis only, utilizing a computer. If you are an hourly employee, you will use a time clock to report your time daily. You do not have to clock in and out for breaks, but some agencies may require you to clock in and out for lunch, for operational reasons. If you are a part-time employee, you must clock in and out at the beginning and end of your day, and for lunch, if applicable. A clock in option using a mobile app will be available to a very limited number of employees who do not have access to a time clock or a computer workstation.

Q. How does the time clock work?
A. The time clock uses a technology called Touch ID. Employees required to clock in and out must enter the last six digits of their employee number, then place their finger on the Touch ID pad. The time clock uses your employee number, in combination with Touch ID, to verify your identity.

Q. Have all the easyPay time clocks been posted?
A. Yes. There are 193 time clocks posted throughout County locations. This number was determined after extensive study of employee foot traffic and peak hours at various sites along with input from building and division representatives

Q.  When will the time clocks go live?
A. Time clocks will go live when your agency is scheduled to utilize the new easyPay Time and Attendance system. A timetable is being finalized with a more precise schedule to share with the agencies. Activation of time clocks will reflect which agencies are next in line.

Q. Will there be training on how to use the time clocks?
A. The hourly and salaried employee will be asked to view a comprehensive online tutorial on how to use the time clocks and the system overall. The supervisor and the payroll liaison not only receive the tutorial but will also have instructor led training

Q. Will finger datapoints captured by the time clock be used in the background screening process?
A. The time clock identity verification has nothing to do with the County’s background screening process.

Q. Isn’t Touch ID the same as a fingerprint?
A. No. New state-of-the-art time clocks use a Touch ID pad to confidentially read the shape of your finger, convert it to a numeric string, and match it to your employee number. Each time you use Touch ID, the time clock verifies your identity using this unique combination.

Q. Where will the time clocks be located?
A. Time clocks will be located in places where large numbers of employees enter and leave governmental facilities, and at each park and library. Other clock in arrangements will be made for employees who are required to clock in, but do not work near a time clock.
Q. How will I know where to clock in and clock out?
A. Employees will receive instruction on where to clock in and clock out.

Q. How long does it take to clock in and clock out?
A. Anywhere between three to ten seconds. Once employees register at the time clock and become familiar with the system, the clock in and clock out process is quick and routine. If there is a repeated delay with employee traffic at the time clock, please bring this to the attention of your supervisor. Once the time clock system goes live, some fine-tuning of the number of clocks may be necessary.

Q. I’m concerned about the health hazards of using a time clock.
A. The clocks will be cleaned periodically as part of routine time clock maintenance. A hand cleaner will be available near the time clock area for those who wish to use it.
Q. Will all easyPay functions be available through the time clock?
A. No. You must use a computer to cancel a time off request, request FMLA leave or edit time off requests.
Q. What records can I access through easyPay?
A. You can access your ePay statement online using a secure website, and print out your statements beginning with the March 30, 2013 payday. Later, you’ll be able to access your W-2 online.
Q. I’m an hourly employee. What if I forget to clock in or out?
A. Hourly employees are paid based upon time worked as recorded in easyPay. If you are an hourly employee and forget to clock in or out, easyPay will not record any time worked in your time sheet for that day. Your supervisor will have to edit your time sheet to record time worked.
Q. What if I use the time clock and begin and/or end my day at an outside meeting or training class?
A. Locations that host meetings and/or offer training classes, such as other County offices at the Governmental Center or Government Center West, will have time clocks or computers available that hourly employees can use to clock in and out.
Q. How do I get approval to work overtime?
A. You must obtain authorization from your supervisor prior to working overtime. Supervisors will approve overtime when they approve an employee’s time sheet. Unauthorized overtime is subject to disciplinary actions in accordance with the applicable policies and collective bargaining agreements.