Top Questions This Week 


Q.  Why is an extra 30 minutes of time added to the time card of an hourly employee who takes leave in the middle of their shift?
A.  When an hourly employee takes leave in the middle of their shift (not at the beginning or end of their shift), Kronos assumes that the employee has worked an additional shift, and automatically applies an additional Daily Time Adjustment. Supervisors should contact the ETS Service Desk (954-357-8600). ERP Support has instructions to reverse this additional Daily Time Adjustment. Not reversing the extra Daily Time Adjustment may result in the employee incorrectly being paid OT.

Q.  Why would a Supervisor be unable to approve an employee’s timecard or make changes to a timecard? 
A.  The most likely reason a Supervisor may be unable to approve an employee’s timecard is that it has already been approved. Supervisor approval locks the timecard, and only the Supervisor who approved the timecard can remove the approval. To see if the timecard has been approved, look under the first two columns of the timecard. If the columns for delete row (X) and insert row (+), are blank, the timecard has been approved. TIP: Be mindful of the pay period you are reviewing and approving. If you are approving a timecard on the Friday before the pay period ends, you must approve the timecard for “Current Pay Period.” If you are approving the card on Payroll Monday, you must change the Time Period to “Previous Pay Period.” 

Q.  What does a Supervisor need to do when an employee submits a Time Off Request cancelation?
A.  When an employee cancels a Time Off Request, the Supervisor needs to:

  1. Go into Schedule Editor.
  2. Select the correct Pay Period or Range of Dates.
  3. Select Request for Time-Off Request.
  4. Click Reload. This will bring up a complete list of Time Off Requests.
  5. Find the request that was cancelled by the employee and approve the cancellation.
  6. Don’t forget to click SAVE. The accrual hours will be added back to the employee’s accrual bank.
  7. Check the Schedule Editor grid to ensure that the employee’s schedule for the day was restored.
Q.  Why can’t a new employee view his/her timecard?
A.  New employees will be able to sign into Kronos, but will not be able to view/approve their timecard until the electronic Kronos Change Request form is completed by the Payroll Liaison, approved, and processed by the Kronos Admin Team.

Q. What is the process for adding a new employee to Kronos?
A.  After the agency’s designee submits the Personnel Action form (BC-102) for processing, the payroll liaison will complete and submit the Kronos Change Request form for approval. The payroll liaison will receive a notification when the Kronos Change Request form is processed, then the payroll liaison will notify the Supervisor. The Supervisor will need to:

  1. Log on and verify the employee’s information is accurate.
  2. Add a schedule pattern for full-time employees. Tip: Pattern Work Start Date should be the employee’s hired date.

Q.  Employees that have been successfully registered at the time clock sometimes get a message that their Touch ID is not being recognized. What should a Supervisor do if this happens?
A.  Encourage employees to report this to you promptly. First, ensure that the employee’s hands are clean, dry, and warm and if it is still within the grace period for them to clock in, have them retry. If not, you should enter the clock in punch on the timecard in Kronos, and have the employee try to clock out when they leave for the day. If the employee’s Touch ID is still not being accepted by the clock, you should contact the ETS Service Desk at 954-357-8600.

SUPERVISOR TIP: Stay on top of potential payroll issues by checking employee timecards daily.