Transportation Employees
Q.  What is easyPay (Kronos)?
A. easyPay is Broward County’s new time and attendance system that allows employees to report hours worked, record overtime, and request time off through digital timeclocks and a web-based program. The current process of paper reporting and traditional time clocks are being replaced with this new technology.
Q. Do I have to be enrolled to use the easyPay (Kronos) timeclock?
A. Yes. In order to punch in/out using the new timeclocks, you will need to register your finger touchpoints (thumb and index) on the new touch ID pads located on the top of the timeclock. Speak with your supervisor about your timeclock enrollment.

Q. How does the Kronos system record work time?
A. Each in/out punch is rounded up or down.

Example: Scheduled work time is 8:00 AM
Time entered at 7:48AM, paid from 7:45AM
Time entered at 7:53AM, paid from 8:00AM
Time entered at 8:07, paid from 8:00AM
Time entered at 8:10, paid from 8:15AM

Q. Will Kronos change any rules about how I get paid?
A. No. Kronos is simply a change in the way we collect and process time information. It does not change our existing personnel or payroll procedures.

Q. Can I punch in or out for someone else? 
A. No. Kronos has biometric technology that will only accept the registered user’s touch ID and their corresponding employee number.

Q. I am an hourly employee, I know that I will need to punch in at the beginning of my shift, and punch out at the end of my shift. Will I also need to punch in and out for lunch?
A. No. Unless an employee is directed by their Supervisor/Manager, employees will not need to clock in and out for lunch. Exception: PT-19s and seasonal employees.

Q. Which timeclock do I punch into?
A. Next to each timeclock, there is a notice with the Clock ID number and a list of each authorized departments. Be sure to look for “Transportation”. When in doubt, speak to your supervisor.

Q. When should I discontinue submitting paper leave requests?
A. August 27th is the last day to submit paper leave requests. Beginning August 28th, all hourly employees must use the timeclocks, and request time off through the easyPay (Kronos) web-based program.

Q. Will leave requests that have already been approved have to be input by the employee into Kronos and approved by the employee’s supervisor?  
A. Yes. Any leave taken beginning August 28, 2016 will need to be processed in Kronos.

Q. Can I punch out for the day, but continue to work? 
A. No. If you want to stay at work to perform additional duties, you should first obtain the approval from your supervisor for overtime.

Q. What happens if I forget to punch in or punch out?
A. Your supervisor is permitted to edit your electronic timecard to update your hours worked.
Q. What do I do if I call in sick?
A. Internal procedures should still be followed. Once you have notified your Supervisor, the absence will be recorded in Kronos as sick leave, only if you have enough of those hours available.
Q. Why won’t Kronos let me enter time off?
A. You will receive an error message if you attempt to add vacation or sick time that is beyond what you have accrued to that point. Paid time off cannot be requested in advance if not accrued.
Q. Who should I talk to regarding any time-related issues?
A. Time-related issues, such as vacation, sick, or training, should be shared with your Supervisor or Payroll Liaison, who will ensure that your time and attendance are handled properly.