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for Phase 7 Employees:
  • Transit
  • Fleet

Employee learning on Broward County’s new time and attendance system will begin approximately 2-3 weeks before your agency is scheduled to “go live” with easyPay. Only employees that work in agencies with a confirmed go live date in the Go Live Schedule may register. Registration will be through the Learning Center. Training will consist of:

Time and Attendance Foundations Tutorial
This online course is designed to provide an overview of how employees will use the Time and Attendance System. The course includes five tracks: Hourly Time Clock, Hourly PC, Salaried PC, Bus Operator Hourly Time Clock & PC, and Maintenance Hourly Time Clock & PC. Each track has an estimated duration of 25 minutes. All employees are required to complete the applicable tracks as part of Go Live Preparation. If you’re a Supervisor, you will need to complete the applicable track(s) for yourself and your employees. Access Now

Managing Timecards and Schedules for the Supervisor Role
This half day instructor-led course is designed to provide those assigned with the Supervisor Role in the Time and Attendance System with the knowledge to manage employee timecards, leave requests, and scheduling. Register Now

Managing Timecards, Schedules and Payroll Process for the Payroll Liaison Role
This course is designed to provide Payroll Liaisons with the knowledge to perform their function using the new Time and Attendance System as well as support supervisors and employees. The course is broken down into two (2) half day sessions: Managing Timecards and Schedules for the Supervisor Role and Managing Timecards, Schedules and Payroll Process for the Payroll Liaison Role. Note: Phase 7 Payroll Liaisons should take the supervisor class associated with the supported audience: Bus Operator, Maintenance, Fleet or General. Register Now

View the easyPay Time and Attendance Training Completion Report to review the list of employees who have completed training to date

Learning Resources

Additional learning resources are already available, and others are on the way! These include:

Quick Reference Cards



Payroll Liasons

Go Live Kits

Demos and Procedures

User Guides

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