easyPay is part of an overall modernization of Broward County’s payroll and timekeeping systems, ensuring a more accurate, consistent and timely delivery of employee pay. Several employee services are available under easyPay. These include:

  • Website - This secure and confidential employee website gives all employees access to their ePay statement, and is a gateway to other secure employee information available through the BC-Net, in employee enewsletters, the Learning Center, Employee Discounts, webmail and more. Every Broward County employee has an Active Directory user name and password so that, even if they don’t have access to a computer at work, they can access this information through a home computer or other device, such as a smartphone.
  • ePay Statement - Employees receive an electronic paystub each payday. The ePay statement includes a convenient summary of the total value of employee compensation, including benefits. At a later date, the ePay statement will be expanded to include immediate access to W-2s and a total compensation statement. Employees can confidentially and securely access their statement online, using their employee ID number and password.
  • Kronos Time and Attendance System - Hourly employees use this system to clock in and out. All employees use this system to request annual and sick leave. Supervisors and managers use this system to approve time and leave requests.
  • rapid! PayCard - The rapid! PayCard is one of two ways that Broward County employees can choose to be paid. The recommended method is by direct deposit into a bank account. For employees who choose not to participate in direct deposit, the PayCard is a prepaid VISA debit card. Your payroll will be deposited to your PayCard, which you can then use at ATMS and merchant locations worldwide, wherever VISA debit cards are accepted. You can withdraw cash from the amount on your PayCard at any bank displaying the VISA logo.