easyPay’s Technical Team Paves the Way for Project Success

Team Work

When Broward County implements a major process improvement, you will typically find a group of technical employees who are hard at work behind the scenes providing the framework for the project. easyPay is no exception.

Now that the design phase of easyPay is nearing completion, a new Technical Team comprised of more than 30 employees from Enterprise Technology Services and other agencies has been formed to implement, support and manage the easyPay application, clocks, system security and access and system interfaces.

Carlos Alvarado, ETS’ director of application services and his team, manages all County applications including Cyborg, the County’s payroll system, and easyPay, the time and attendance application. His team is comprised of Rita Yeh, information systems manager, Lorna Murdock, information systems analyst IV, Carol Munemura, senior information technology specialist, Mike Napold, senior information technology specialist, Kuntal Choksi, senior web architect, and Barry Roby, senior information technology specialist. A key to easyPay’s success is the development of an interface between Cyborg and easyPay, so that each application complements the other and files can be exchanged. Employees will complete time sheets and leave requests online in easyPay, which will be reviewed online by supervisors. The easyPay application will then pass approved information to Cyborg, which will produce employee payroll. As part of this strategic initiative, the application services team will be delivering online paystubs, compensation statements and W-2 forms via online access.

Critical to easyPay’s implementation is the training of all County employees. Ben Sanchez, ETS’ director of business services, and his team will implement the easyPay quality assurance and training plans. Tonya Springer, the quality assurance lead for easyPay, will make certain that applications are tested, fine-tuned, user friendly and secure. Over the next several months, the technical training team, led by Manager Catrina Stewart-Cosme, will take the easyPay show on the road to County agencies. Employees will learn more about how to access easyPay, report time worked, request time off, learn about the different training resources available, and much more.

Keith Wolf, ETS’ director of infrastructure, and his team is responsible for server architecture, devices and hardware, and maintenance of the system. Simply stated, if something isn’t working right, the infrastructure group fixes it! Qunea Gordon is the project manager for time clock deployment and associated daily support. The infrastructure team is also responsible for gathering data from across all agencies to ensure all job classifications and other requirements are incorporated into the easyPay system design.

ETS staff on the Technical Team is working closely with IT professionals from other agencies, including Transit, Port Everglades, Emergency Management, Water & Wastewater Services, Libraries, Aviation and Parks on the project.

This new team of technical professionals joins several other teams, which have already been hard at work on easyPay for several months, including a Project Team, headed by ETS’ Alison Redmond; a Change Management Team, headed by ETS’ Melissa Grimm, including a Communications team headed by Margaret Stapleton; a team of agency Subject Matter Experts; and the three projects sponsors: Kevin Kelleher, director of Human Resources; Susan Friend, director of Accounting; and John Bruno, director of ETS.

Visit broward.org/easyPay for the latest easyPay updates to see what’s happening, and who from your agency is participating. For questions, email easyPay@broward.org.