easyPay Project is a Complex “Symphony”
easyPayTeams of Broward County employees have been hard at work since June 2012 on a project called easyPay that will revolutionize the way employees are paid. Significant time and money, not to mention paper, will be saved as a result of expected reductions in the time required to process payroll, the elimination of archaic manual data entry and improvements in the reporting of labor costs, activity and productivity.


More than 40 employees representing 11 agencies are part of the effort. “We use a team to constantly review, evaluate and provide feedback to the vendor,” said Enterprise Technology Services Project Manager Alison Redmond, who likens her role in the easyPay project to that of an orchestra conductor. “We are really a small group of people doing the work for a very large and complex system that requires constant attention to detail to ensure the program will work the way it’s envisioned. It’s like leading an orchestra, directing all the players, keeping them in time, and we all have to crescendo together,” Redmond said.

Among those spending many hours recently in the review of design documents prepared by the vendor, Kronos, are the three project sponsors: Kevin Kelleher, director of Human Resources Division, Susan Friend, director of Accounting Division, and John Bruno, director of ETS.

Project sponsors have been meeting weekly since June to discuss progress and identify and address any obstacles to moving the project forward. A core project team meets three to five times per week and consists of Allen Wilson, Human Resources; Carol Munemura, ETS/Human Resources; Rebecca Robertson, Human Resources; Nikola Brooks, Transportation; and Rita McManus, Accounting.

These employees have spent many hours poring over the vendor’s system design documents to ensure that Broward County requirements for Human Resources and Payroll are fully understood. “There are seven design documents with more than 500 pages of detail that has to be accurate and concise to ensure the Kronos system meets the needs of easyPay,” Redmond explained.

A team of agency subject matter experts has also been weighing in on the project design. Its members include:

  • Accounting: Nigel Nandlal
  • Aviation: Jackie Jackson
  • ETS: Lorna Murdock and Rita Yeh
  • Environmental Protection and Growth Management: Trinette Webster
  • Human Services: Wendy King
  • Libraries: Jeff Tottenhoff
  • Office of Management and Budget: Max Gagin
  • Office of Public Communications: Jennifer O’Brien
  • Parks and Recreation: Diana Ramsey
  • Port Everglades: Ed Stupi and Peg Buchan
  • Public Works: Rita Durocher
  • Transportation: Alex Little

A change management team is responsible for planning and delivering communications about the project, and the impact it will have on agencies and employees throughout the organization. Participating on that team is Margaret Stapleton, director of the Office of Public Communications, Melissa Grimm, ERP project administrator; Catrina Stewart-Cosme, ETS training lead, and the project change management consultants from PKING Consulting, Inc. and Vantage Solutions, LLC.

Prior to its launch, the easyPay “symphony” will be played before a group who will receive training to instruct staff in their agency.

Payroll Liaisons have been involved in early meetings about the project, and provided valuable input, along with many other agency management staff, through meetings with the change management consultants. Agency payroll liaisons serve as the first and closest source of information for employees. Additional information sources include a website, broward.org/easyPay, which includes an orientation video with comments by County Administrator Bertha Henry and project sponsors, a special email box dedicated to questions about easyPay, easyPay@broward.org, and links to other information.


easyPay will ensure that all employees are paid timely, accurately, consistently and efficiently,” said Kevin Kelleher, director of Human Resources Division and a project sponsor. “It will reduce mounds of paperwork and take advantage of new efficiencies gained from the use of technology. It’s coming!”