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 E/L-550: Continuity Planners (Train-the-Trainer) Workshop 2/12/2013 1:30 PM

Date:              Tuesday, February 12, 2013 to

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Time:            1:30pm 1st day and 8:30am 2nd day

5:00pm both days

Location:      Broward County EOC

201 NW 84th Avenue, Room 332B

Plantation, FL.  33324


Course Description:

The Continuity of Operations (COOP) Planner’s Train-the-trainer Course is to provide COOP training for Program Managers and Planners at the Federal, State, Local, and Tribal levels of government.  This course is based on the guidance to the Federal Executive Branch departments and agencies for developing Continuity of Operations (COOP) plans and programs.  Federal Continuity Directive (FCD) 1 provides direction to the Federal Executive Branch departments and agencies for developing COOP Plans and Programs.  COOP Plans facilitate the performance of essential functions during any situation which may disrupt normal operations.  This course is designed to provide the skills and knowledge to further develop and improve the overall quality and workability of COOP Plans.  This training includes a train-the-trainer module to equip the managers to train the course to others.

This course is open to local, state, and federal agencies to help continuity managers and their planners with the “how to” rather than the “what to”.  This workshop provides participants with the skills and knowledge to develop continuity plans that comply with the requirements of the national Security Presidential Directive-51/Homeland Security Presidential Directive-20, the National Continuity Policy Implementation Plan, Federal Continuity Directives 1 and 2, and Continuity Guidance Circular 1 and 2.  The course covers program requirements and elements and support requirements and describes the roles and responsibilities of the Continuity Program Manager and other key players in developing a viable continuity program. 

This course is designed to provide continuity of operations training for Program Managers and Planners.  This unique workshop focuses on those who shape, manage, and maintain organizational continuity programs.  This course incorporates discussion-based group dynamics that engage the participants in a hands-on learning experience.  This is an invaluable instructional tool that draws on the various backgrounds and expertise to create an environment in which they apply sound continuity principles to organizational continuity plans.  The final portion of this workshop allows individuals to develop organizational strategies and milestones to improve overall continuity programs throughout Broward County. 



·         To provide you with the tools and hands-on experience necessary to improve your organization’s continuity plans.

·         Explain the roles and responsibilities of the Continuity Program Manager.


Upon completion of this course, participants should be able to do the following:

·         Assess your organization’s current continuity plans;

·         Describe the importance of COOP planning to your Departments/Agencies overall mission;

·         Relate the planning steps to each phase of continuity operations,;

·         Complete an assessment of your current COOP Plan;

·         Describe the six steps in the COOP Planning Model;

·         Relate the planning steps to each phase of COOP operations;

·         Identify key persons who should be included in the continuity planning process;

·         Identify areas requiring more detail in your current continuity plans and develop a strategy or strategies for resolving them;

·         Analyze the risks and vulnerabilities related to your primary facility and the selection of alternate facilities;

·         Revise or develop your organization’s continuity plans;

·         Develop a strategy for testing, training, and exercising your COOP plans;

·         Incorporate Pandemic Planning into your COOP Plan;

·         Successfully teach the course.




·         IS-547.a: Introduction to Continuity of Operations (COOP), (  

·         E/L-548: Continuity of Operations (COOP) Program Managers Train-the-Trainer(TTT)

·         Bring a COOP Plan (a final or draft plan will be required for activities during the course).  Each student should bring a copy of their current plan or draft plan.



·         IS-546.12: Continuity of Operations (COOP) Awareness Course (

·         IS-235.b: Emergency Planning (


These courses can be found in a web based environment at 

Target Audience:

The primary audience for this course is personnel who have responsibility for COOP planning or may serve as Continuity Program Managers in their department, agency, or organizations.



To register for this class go to FDEM’s SERT TRAC Training Calendar’s website and sign up at: .  Please contact Richard Allen should you need assistance with registration.


Point of Contact:

Richard Allen

Broward County Training Coordinator

Broward County Emergency Management Division


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