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Emergency Management Division offers several informational videos that can help residents and visitors be better prepared for any type of emergency. Select title to play video.

Disaster Drill

Broward County Citizen Corps Disaster Drill (3:30)
Broward County Community Emergency Response Teams join together for disaster response training.


Ready: Pets (5:00)
A family follows U.S. Department of Homeland Security's three-step plan to prepare for their pet in the event of an emergency.

Elderly lady 


Ready: Older Americans (5:00)
An older couple follows U.S. Department of Homeland Security's three-step plan to prepare for an emergency.

Man in wheelchair


Ready: Americans with Disabilities and Special Needs (5:00)
U.S. Department of Homeland Security shares its three-step emergency preparedness plan for disabled and special needs residents.



Ready: America (3:00)
A typical family prepares themselves for an emergency following U.S. Department of Homeland Security's three-step plan.



Evacuation Checklist (1:34)
Viewers are reminded what steps should be taken before evacuation from their homes. This video has sign language for the hearing impaired .

Hurricane supplies


Emergency Supply Kit (1:58)
This video identifies many of the items residents should keep in their emergency supply kit in preparation for hurricane season. This video has sign language for the hearing impaired.

three elderly people


Special Needs Registry (1:15)
Elderly and medically fragile family members need special care when an emergency arises. A Special Needs Registry is available for Broward County residents. View this video to learn more. This video has sign language for the hearing impaired.

doctors supplies 


Planning For Emergencies For Floridians With Special Health Care Needs (6:30)
Residents with special health care needs must take extra steps in order to prepare for hurricane season. Learn how you can be better prepared.This video has sign language for the hearing impaired.



Disaster Resistant Homes (56:00)
Homeowners and residents have the power to be prepared for potentially catastrophic events. View firsthand accounts of preparing for disasters from homeowners and experts.



Hail - Protecting Your Home (2:25)
Hail storms can cause over 2 million dollars in damage each year. Learn how you can protect your home from hail damage.

palm trees 


Selecting Proper Landscaping (4:15)
Landscaping can add to the beauty of your home. But is it safe during a wind storm or wild fire? This video discusses selecting proper landscaping for your home.

lightening hitting a building 


Lightning (3:00)
Lightning is the second leading cause of storm deaths in the U.S. Do you know the 30-30 Rule? Learn what you can do to protect yourself and your home from lightning.

builders building safe room


Safe Rooms (2:30)
Protect your family from wind storms by constructing or installing a safe room in your home. This video discusses the key elements of building a safe room.



Flash Floods - Turn Around, Don't Drown (2:55)
Did you know that as little as six inches of fast running water can cause you to lose control of your car? This video discusses a simple rule that may save your life.



Wildfires (2:35)
Learn what you can do to reduce the risk of your home being damaged by a wildfire. Prepare now before a wildfire strikes.