Emergency Communication Plan


The Broward County Emergency Communication Plan for Employees was established to ensure there is a coordinated and effective plan to communicate general emergency information, work status and work assignments to Broward County employees before, during and after an emergency.


Effective employee communication during an emergency is of utmost importance and requires the support of the entire organization. Multiple communication methods will be used in order to have redundancy in case of technology failures due to emergency or other catastrophic conditions. The Emergency Communication Plan describes the communication methods that will be utilized and delegates responsibilities to agencies and to the workforce in general to ensure the success of the program.

Good communication must include inbound and outbound information capabilities: management to employees and employees to management. Advance planning and a comprehensive employee education effort are both key to the effectiveness of the program.

During emergencies, Broward County may be under a Declaration of Emergency issued by Board of County Commissioners, or if a regular or special meeting cannot practically be convened, by the Broward County Mayor, in consultation with the County Administrator. In such situations, the County Administrator has broad authority during the response and recovery operations to reassign the resources of the organization to missions that protect the health and safety of Broward County residents and visitors. Work assignments and reporting structures may change rapidly depending on response plan assignments. The communication plan must be flexible and be able to respond to these changing needs, as well as have the capacity to communicate to all employees and not just those employees who have advance emergency assignments.


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Revised May 23, 2011