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Broward Environmental Remediation Times

Broward County's Environmental Engineering and Permitting Division is pleased to provide the Broward Environmental Remediation Times. The newsletter, which addresses regulatory updates, technical issues, and announcements associated with the assessment and cleanup of contaminated sites in Broward County, is produced on a quarterly basis.

PLEASE NOTE - In August 2010, Broward County upgraded the webpages for the Environmental Assessment and Remediation (EAR) Section. Therefore, many of the weblinks provided in earlier editions of the newsletter may no longer be functional. If you have trouble finding a website listed in an article, please contact the author of the article.

Frequently Referenced Articles

FDEP Provides Checklist for Orders
March/April 2013 (PDF)

Environmental Assessment Resources Website
March/April 2011 (PDF)

Interactive Map of Contaminated Sites
March/April 2009 (PDF)

The Importance of Meeting Assessment Requirements without Addendum Reports
May/June 2007 (PDF)

Professional Certification of Documents
March/April 2004 (PDF)

Guide to Florida's Petroleum Cleanup Program
January/February 2003 (PDF)

  • Division of Waste Management Website - A Useful Resource
  • Institutional Control Registry (ICR) Shapefiles Requirement
  • Summer Safety Tips
Spring 2019 (PDF)
  • Scoping Contingent Borings for Soil Sampling
  • Clean Backfill Requirements
  • Horizontal Drilling - A Few Early Lessons Learned
Winter 2018 (PDF)
  • 2018 Florida Remediation Conference Review
  • Perfluroalkyl and Polyfluroalkyl Substances (PFAS)
  • PRP Lowers Funding Eligibility Score to 12
  • Interim Source Removal Using Air Sparging in an Open Pit
  • FY 2019 Brownfields Multipurpose, Assessment, and Cleanup Grant

Autumn 2018 (PDF)

  • PRP Payment Approval Documentation Requirements
  • Reimbursable Quotes Under PRP
  • 2018 Florida Annual Brownfields Conference

Summer 2018 (PDF)

  • Soil Alternative Cleanup Target Levels for Benzo(a)Pyrene
  • Large Diameter Auger
  • Effect of Bioavailability on Arsenic Soil Cleanup Target Level
  • Construction Notes...

Spring 2018 (PDF)

  • Before You Drill...
  • EAR Going Paperless
  • Damaged Monitoring Wells
  • Remediation System Infrastructure Damage and Corrections
  • Revised ATC Selection Process

Winter 2017 (PDF)

  • Transportation and Disposal of Additional Soil
  • Remediation System Piping Installation and Related Issues
  • Irrigation Wells at Contaminated Sites
  • Contractor Performance Evaluation Clarification
  • Florida Remediation Conference Recap
  • EPA Superfund Remedy Report (15th Edition)

Autumn 2017 (PDF)

  • Contaminated Site File Reviews
  • Hand Auguring and Borehole Clearing
  • Hurricane Plan
  • Surveying Top of Casings of Monitoring Wells
  • NFAP Criteria and Confirmation Samples
  • ACR Program

Summer 2017 (PDF)

  • Latest Chapter 62-780 Update
  • Synthetic Leaching Procedures
  • In-Situ Chemical Oxidation Treatment for Groundwater Remediation
  • Innovative Technology Acceptance Program

Spring 2017 (PDF)

  • Incremental Sampling Methodology
  • Advanced Cleanup Applications
  • Subcontractor Quotes for PRP
  • ITN Assignment and Contractor Selection

Winter 2016 (PDF)

  • Tank Registration Update Procedures to Facilitate SRCO Issuance
  • Dewatering Effluent Management
  • Schedule of Pay Items Required Documents
  • EPA Brownfields Assessment and Cleanup Grants
  • Revised Institutional Control Procedures Guidance

Autumn 2016 (PDF)

  • Field Change Order Process
  • New Features to Broward County's ePermits System
  • Screened Intervals of Shallow Monitoring Wells
  • 2016 Florida Remediation Conference
  • PRP Outreach and Training Events

Summer 2016 (PDF)

  • Well Abandonment Expectations and Issues
  • Agency Term Contractor Evaluations
  • Background Concentration Evaluation for Arsenic in Soil
  • Health & Safety Plans for DWM Programs (Recommended Minimum Requirements)
  • PRP Facilitator Option

Spring 2016 (PDF)

  • Florida Board of Professional Engineers Rules Regarding Certification of Electronic Documents
  • Revisiting the Standard Operating Procedures for Dewatering in Broward County
  • Table D Laboratory Analysis and the General Site Assessment Scope of Work
  • Revisions to the PRP ATC Selection Process (Replacing RCI with CSF)​