2009 Case Studies

Each year, the Broward County Environmental Protection and Growth Management Department recognizes several local businesses for their outstanding environmentally-responsible business practices. Each business receives an Emerald Award trophy for their exceptional efforts in protecting the environment.

The presentation of trophies by the Broward County Board of County Commissioners to the winners is held annually at a special ceremony; followed by a brief reception:

Tuesday, April 13, 1:30 p.m.
Broward County Governmental Center
Broward County Commission Chambers, Room 422
115 S. Andrews Avenue, Fort Lauderdale

To learn more about what the trophy winners accomplished, view their case studies below, or for a downloadable pdf, click here to go to the media kit page.


Category Small Business Large Business
Pollution Prevention/Hazardous Waste Reduction First Vehicle Services Broward Health (NBHD)
Recycling German Bread Haus JM Family Enterprises, Inc.
Green Products or Practices/Innovative BentleyForbes- Las Olas Centre 350-450 Las Olas Boulevard Valley Forge Fabrics, Inc.  
Climate Change Leader Advanced Green Technologies Hamilton Sundstrand Worldwide Repair Miramar  





First Vehicle Services

Category: Pollution Prevention/Hazardous Waste Reduction -Small Business


For more information contact:

Michael Best, General Manager
First Vehicle Services
2001 NW 31st Ave
Lauderdale Lakes, FL 33311
Michael.Best@First Group.com 954 497-5639
Business Size: Small

First Vehicle Services logo 
Audrey Burley, Shop Manager, and Mario Sorrentino, Shop Foreman, Receive the Emerald Award Trophy From Mayor Ken Keechl.  First Vehicle Services Receives their trophy
Nature of Business: Provide maintenance services to the Broward Sheriff’s Office, maintaining 3,200 vehicles for BSO and 230 for Fire Rescue

First Vehicle Services environmental accomplishments:


  • Non-solvent parts cleaner – by using a non-solvent (petro chemical) based cleaning fluid we save the risk of exposure to the ground water system.
  • Nitrogen fill in tires - increases fuel economy and tire wear, saving on annual tire costs and fuel costs.
  • Sodium lights changed to halides – halide lighting is brighter and uses less electricity, saving money and adding the benefit of additional light.
  • Incandescent lights were changed to fluorescent lights - fluorescent lighting is brighter and uses less electricity saving money and energy while adding the benefit of additional light.
  • Replacing lead tire weights with steel – steel weights offer more protection to the ground water and soil than lead.
  • All aerosols are CFC free – CFC’s affect the ozone layer and CFC free products are one additional way that we try to be Earth Friendly.
  • Use of gas buggy to extract gasoline from vehicles undergoing fuel tank repair or replacement – the re-use of fuel (when possible), as opposed to having to handle as haz-mat, saves money and valuable resources.
  • Recycling program – First Vehicle Services uses suppliers and vendors that embrace the recycling and re-use of products for the benefit of the world. Listed here are a few examples of items that we recycle at the First Vehicle/Sheriff’s Office location(s).
    • Cardboard
    • Steel
    • Aluminum
    • Used oil
    • Batteries
    • Used oil filters
    • Antifreeze
    • Freon
    • Transmission fluid
    • Cell phones
    • Ink cartridges

First Vehicle Services, part of FirstGroup America, is a leading provider of contract fleet maintenance and management services in the United States. With more than 25 years of experience, First Vehicle Services maintains over 50,000 vehicles and equipment
in the US and Puerto Rico for government agencies, municipal organizations and private companies.

Broward Health (NBHD)

Category: Pollution Prevention/Hazardous Waste Reduction -Large Business

For more information contact:


Pat O’Rourke, Corporate Safety Manager
Broward Health (NBHD)
303 SE 17th St
Ft Lauderdale, FL 33316
954 831-2782
Email: porourke@browardhealth.org
Web Site: www.browardhealth.org
Business Size: Large
 Broward Health Logo
Pat O'Rourke, Corp. Safety Coordinator, Joseph Rogers, Sr. VP and COO, Rhonda Calhoun, Chair of the Broward Health Board of Commissioners, and Frank Nask CEO Broward Health receive their Emerald Award Trophy from Mayor, Ken Keechl.  Broward Health Receives Emerald Award Trophy


Broward Health's environmental accomplishments:

  • Hazard elimination is a priority. Broward Health has policies and procedures in their Hazardous Materials and Waste Management Plan that include substitution and reduction.
  • An environmental leadership statement and environmentally preferred purchasing statement has been in place since 2007.
  • For building renovations they use latex, water-based paints that are low in volatile organic compounds.
  • For over 5 years they utilize just-in-time delivery, pick up, and par levels of medical gases, thus eliminating excess hazardous compressed gases and oxygen quantities in storage.
  • Solvent recycling systems are in place in the clinical labs at Broward General Medical Center and Imperial Point Medical Center reclaiming and recycling xylene, formalin, and alcohol, saving money and hazardous waste.
  • Broward Health system-wide eliminated mercury in patient thermometers, BP cuffs, and in food, pharmacy and lab refrigerators in 2003.
  • The system utilizes integrated pest management that reduces the use of pesticides.
  • Broward Health eliminated gluteraldehyde use in cold disinfection, replacing it with less toxic Cidex OPA in 2003.
  • Their pharmaceutical hazardous waste management program is a benchmark.
  • Most pre-filled formalin specimen containers were replaced with less toxic methyl alcohol preservatives in 2004.
  • The system recycles lead waste from decommissioned radiology protective equipment.
  • Most wet process photo-developers system-wide have been replaced with digital or computer-based imaging X-Rays.
German Bread Haus

Category: Recycling -Small Business

For more information contact:


Norma Dauer, VP
German Bread Haus
311 E Commercial Blvd
Ft Lauderdale, FL 33334
(954) 491-4464
Business Size: Small 
 German Bread Haus Logo
Norma and Dieter Dauer Receive the Emerald Award Trophy from Mayor, Ken Keechl  German Bread Haus Received Emerald Award Trophy


Nature of Business: Organic Bakery

German Bread Haus' environmental accomplishments:

  • Since chemical fertilizers and pesticides are not used in producing organic food, consuming organic food means conserving the environment.
  • According to Small Planet Foods, "Organic farming helps provide a safer, more healthy environment by: 1) not polluting our groundwater, rivers, lakes, and oceans with pesticides and chemical fertilizers; 2) reducing soil erosion; 3) improving soil quality; 4) increasing the diversity of wildlife on and near farms; and 5) providing safer working conditions for farm laborers (no exposure to pesticides)."
  • It is estimated that one 27 ounce loaf of Geman Bread Haus organic flour power bread keeps 15 square feet of America's farmlands free of chemicals
  • Approximately two cubic yards of recycling is collected monthly, which is about 50% of their total solid waste
  • Reuse paper from invoices, bread labels and calendars as scrap paper
  • Fifty-pound bags from bulk grain and seeds are reused for shipping in place of foam peanuts. No bubble wrap or peanuts are purchased.
  • Boxes that come in the store with baking ingrediants are donated to the Zaldiva Comic Book/Ebay center next door.
  • Tray captures fallen seeds which are reused
  • All the seeds that fall on floor are swept up and used as bird feed, approximately 20 pounds per week
  • Packing peanuts that come in to the shop with supplies are reused during the holidays when shipping holiday Stollen bread to customers
  • Any surplus breads are donated to food banks such as Cross Roads Food Bank, the Ponderosa Serentity Ministries, and the Magnificat Religious Order, "the Blue Nuns."
  • Recycles the following materials:
    • Paper bags
    • Card board
    • Plastic
    • Cans
    • Glass

JM Family Enterprises, Inc.

Category: Recycling -Large Business

For more information contact:


Cristina Abboud, Environmental Specialist
JM Family Enterprises, Inc.
111 NW 12th Ave
Deerfield Beach, FL 33442
954 420-4731
Business Size: Large
 JM Family Logo
From left to right: Cristina Abboud, Environmental Specialist, Michele Palenscar. Director of Business Process Reengineering, and Janet Simoneaux, Environmental Director Receive Their Emerald Award Trophy from Mayor, Ken Keechl.  JM Family Receives Their Emerald Award Trophy


Nature of Business: Diversified Automotive Corporation

JM Family Enterprises, Inc.'s Environmental Accomplishments:

  • Print Reduction Initiatives:
    • Print reduction initiatives have eliminated the need to print over 1 million sheets or 24,500 pounds of paper each year, which is equivalent to 122 trees. The company is expected to save nearly $550,000 a year in printing, postage, labor and shipping.
      • Electronic HR job slotting guides in FileNet
        • Saves 51,000 sheets or 872 pounds of paper, which is equivalent to 5.6 trees
        • Saves $13,000 annually on printing costs
      • Electronic Credit Union newsletter
        • Saves 86,000 sheets or 1,470 pounds paper, which is equivalent to 9.6 trees
        • Saves $5,000 annually on paper and postage
      • FORTUNE “100 Best Companies to Work For” application submitted electronically
        • Saves almost 10,000 sheets or 171 pounds of paper, which is equivalent to 1 tree
        • Saved $4,455 on printing costs
      • JM&A eliminated printed rate cards with the AutoRates system
        • Saves 245,000 sheets or 4,188 pounds of paper annually, which is equivalent to 27 trees, in addition to envelopes and labels
        • Saves $174,000 annually on printing, labor and materials
      • JM&A GAP SMART Claims system eliminates the need to print documents
        • Claims now electronically faxed, reviewed, indexed and stored which saves 6,250 pounds of paper
        • Saves $88,000 annually on printing costs and materials
      • JM&A CRM System reduces paper use on reprints, new deals and product changes
        • Saves 75,000 sheets or 1,282 pounds of paper annually which is equivalent to 8 trees
        • Saves $340 annually on materials
      • JM&A electronically distributing monthly/quarterly reports
        • Saves 220,000 sheets or 3,761 pounds of paper annually which is equivalent to 24 trees
        • Saves $21,000 annually on labor and materials
      • JM&A PDC brochures available in Online Marketing Library eliminates printing and mailing
        • Estimated savings 216,000 sheets or 3,692 pounds of paper annually which is equivalent to 24 trees
        • Saves $220,000 annually on materials
      • WOFC offers customers electronic billing option
        • Saves 169,000 sheets or 2,889 pounds of paper which is equivalent to 18.8 trees
        • Estimated savings are $241,000 for the first year due to reduction of paper, postage, labor and service charges
  • Waste Minimization
    • One way JM Family has minimized its waste stream is by reducing the amount of trash generated, minimizing the quantity of items we consume and finding innovative opportunities to repurpose and reuse.
    • With the implementation of reusable sandwich baskets for example, JMSC Food Services in Deerfield Beach eliminates the use of 60,000 Styrofoam plates and plastic lids each year.
    • Food Services also composts organic waste generated during meal preparation, and uses it to fertilize our on-site herb garden. This not only keeps waste out of the landfill, but minimizes the need for chemical fertilizers.
  • Real Estate & Facilities
    • Sponsored and influenced the build of four Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Gold certified Habitat for Humanity homes in Broward County
    • Followed LEED processes on 500 building renovation and repurposed building materials and interior items such as:
      • Cubicle Partitions (reconfigured and reused)
      • Carpet Tile (retained original and supplemented with stock on hand)
      • Wallcovering (some used for carpet protection and some reinstalled in new offices)
      • Office Door Frames, Doors and Hardware (salvaged
        for reuse)
      • Ceiling Tile (reused)
      • Insulation (salvaged for reuse)
      • Ceiling Light Fixtures (reused)
      • Fire Alarm/Strobes (relocated)
      • Office Furniture (reused)
      • Energy Conservation
    • ITS implemented blade technology in Deerfield Beach Data Centers
      • Allows servers to plug into a shared chassis to share power
      • 2009 estimated savings: 382,514 kWh (275 metric tCO2e = 7,044 trees)
    • Removing the 3rd light bulb in selected three lamp ballasts
      • Reduced energy: 7,600 kWh (5.5 metric tCO2e / offset =140 trees)
      • Water Conservation
    • Deerfield campus landscape irrigation audit and adjustments
      • Estimated water savings of 5,388,760 gallons annually by rescheduling irrigation system clocks
      • Cost savings: $21,700 per year
    • 185 building pilots dual-flush toilets
      • Estimated water savings of 157,600 gallons per year
      • Cost savings: $1,427 per year
    • Low-flow kitchen dishwasher sprayers installed in the cafes
      • Estimated water savings is 129,000 gallons per year
      • Cost savings: $195 per year
    • Faucet aerators installed in bathrooms/break rooms on Deerfield Beach campus
      • Estimated water savings of 722,000 gallons per year
      • Cost savings: $6,500 per year
BentleyForbes- Las Olas Centre 350-450 Las Olas Boulevard

Category: Green Products or Practices/Innovative -Small Business

For more information contact:


Sherry Woods, Property Manager
BentleyForbes- Las Olas Centre 350-450 Las Olas Boulevard
450 East Las Olas Blvd., Suite 740
Ft. Lauderdale, Florida 33301
954 779-3411 Ext. 5002
Bentley Forbes Logo 
Sherry Woods, Property Manager for BentleyForbes-Las Olas Center receives an Emerald Award Trophy from Mayor, Ken Keechl  
Nature of Business: Commercial Real Estate Investment Company

BentleyForbes- Las Olas Center Environmental Accomplishments:
  • Implemented a new recycling program in May 2008 where previously there had been none.
  • Installed two 20-ton compactors for cardboard recycling
  • Currently recycling more than 60% of all refuse that comes from the buildings and stores.
  • Educated employees and tenants on energy and water saving practices
  • Installed motion detectors in all common area restrooms to prevent wasteful use of lighting when rooms are unoccupied
  • Installed photo sensors on all exterior and garage lighting to prevent wasteful use of lighting when ambient lighting conditions are sufficient
  • Installed energy management controls to turn off lighting at 10:00 PM and HVAC systems at 7:00 PM. This has prevented unnecessary lighting and air conditioning when the building is unoccupied. If tenants require lights and/or AC after the specified time, they may request it
  • Reduced hours of operation for air conditioning on Saturday by "request only"
  • Temperatures on hot water heaters were lowered to save electricity
  • Installed a NES voltage controller in parking garages which operate similar to dimmer switches in that they reduce the power supplied to the lights after they are energized. This saves energy because lights need less power to burn than they do to start.
Valley Forge Fabrics, Inc.

Category: Green Products or Practices/Innovative - Small Business

For more information contact:


Diana Dobin, Senior Vice President
Valley Forge Fabrics, Inc.
2981 Gateway Drive
Ft Lauderdale, FL 33069
(954) 971-1776
Business Size: Large
 Valley Forge Logo
Valley Forge Fabrics, Inc. representatives accept the trophy from District Two Commissioner, Kristin D. Jacobs.  From left: Judy Dobin, Executive Vice President; Daniel Dobin, President; Michael Dobin, Senior Vice President; and Ken Koeck, Public Affairs Manager.  Valley Forge Receives an Emerald Award Trophy

Nature of Business: Family owned and operated decorative fabrics producer for hospitality industry

As part of their sustainability initiative, they created a line of fabrics called FRESH – Fabrics Redefining Environmental Standards for Hospitality. FRESH products are made from 100 percent post-consumer recycled polyester – from PET plastic beverage bottles.

Due to the company’s strict adherence to their own performance standards (which are substantially higher than the industry expectations as well as ACT requirements), the fabrics will perform at their premium for longer than the expected 5-7 years for upholstery and 18-24 months for bedding. Longevity is a major tenant of sustainability and an important part of the life cycle view. Virgin polyester, which has been the fiber of choice for the hospitality industry, for its performance qualities, is derived from petroleum. Recycle symbol 1 plastic/ PET/plastic bottles are also derived from petroleum. The decision to make polyester for FRESH upholstery & bedding from used plastic bottles saves precious natural resources. Just as vital, Valley Forge finds a home (not a landfill) for plastic bottles that are discarded by consumers. Due to the amount of product Valley Forge manufactures – millions of yards annually – the savings of petroleum is very substantial. In addition, there is substantial resource savings in the manufacturing process itself when compared to more traditional non-recycled polyester products. The yarn costs for recycled fibers are more expensive than non-recycled material.

Valley Forge is committed to taking very small margins to keep the price points competitive and further the use of these products through its worldwide distribution. Other products in the FRESH line include an innovative award-winning fiber from Eucalyptus blended with Cotton bedding product. The environmental story for the Valley Forge LIVING FRESH Eucalyptus product is magnified by the fabulous hand and high end appeal. Valley Forge also is the only textile company to date with an established reclamation program for their customers to use to recycle the fabrics at the end of their use. Until the FRESH program, hotels never had an option other than sending large quantities of textile products to landfills. By recycling FRESH fabrics, Valley Forge will literally save millions of pounds of waste from entering landfills each year.

The USGBC’s LEED certification green building program is recognized as the paramount guideline of environmental building protocol in the USA. FRESH products may contribute towards LEED points under various LEED systems. In 2009, the USGBC confirmed recognition of bedding within the LEED rating system, specifically within LEED for Existing Buildings (LEED EB). The Valley Forge LIVING FRESH with
Tencel+Plus™Lyocell Eucalyptus products may help projects earn LEED point in three areas as this collection is made from a rapidly renewable resource (Eucalyptus), will be picked up at the end of their life through Valley Forge’s established reclamation program and the Eucalyptus is harvested from FSC managed forests. As sustainable technology continues to improve, Valley Forge is working with engineers and chemists to continue to innovate in the area of textile sustainability.

Valley Forge Fabrics Environmental Accomplishments:

  • Reduced Greenhouse Gases by 35% from 2006 to 2008 as
    measured by the Carbon Neutral Company.
  • Conducted a 360 degree sustainability audit by the third party sustainability consulting firm, The MindClick Group SGM. Valley Forge earned an impressive score of 3.90 out of a possible 5.0. The sustainability scorecard provides a quantifiable, independent measurement performance of the company’s products, operations, corporate social responsibility initiatives and brand, along with employee and customer engagement and satisfaction.
  • More than 50% of the company’s running line items are now
    FRESH or LIVING FRESH bedding.
  • Valley Forge has continued to set up new monitoring and measuring systems annually to assist in better resource management & decreased waste.
  • As of April 2010, Valley Forge diverted 2,434,325 plastic bottles from a landfill and made them into FRESH fabrics. This number continues to grow every month.
Advanced Green Technologies

Category: Climate Change Leader- Small Business

For more information contact:

David Lewis, VP Operations
Advanced Green Technologies
2100 NW 21st Avenue
Ft Lauderdale, FL 33311
Business Size: Small
 Advanced Green Technology Logo
   Advanced Green Technology Receives the Emerald Award Trophy

Nature of Business: Innovative solar technology company


Advanced Green Technologies Environmental Accomplishments:

  • Solar photovoltaic system provides approximately 9000 kWh AC of energy monthly for use by their building.
  • AGT installed solar photovoltaic systems have offset 11,782,000 lbs of CO2 worldwide.
  • Recycle plastic, paper and batteries.
  • Company cars are hybrid.
  • Reusable industrial metal pallets to deliver supplies to sites and connect to cranes for use onsite.
  • Sponsorship of Junior Achievement home improvement room at the JA Finance Park. JA was developed to assist children with viewing the world of work, free enterprise, and their possibilities for success through experiential learning.
  • Donation of solar panels to enhance children's activities for going green including panels for the South Plantation High School Solar Knights Racing Team race car.
  • Development of state-of-the-art online animated program (Solar Education Center) for educating the public on solar energy - where it comes from, how it works, and how we can use it to better our planet.
  • Creation of a solar trailer containing a full kitchen running entirely off of solar energy for educational purposes.
  • Pilot programs for new technology.
  • In addition to solar energy solutions, also sell sky lights that disperse more light called daylighting systems.
Hamilton Sundstrand Worldwide Repair Miramar

Category: Climate Change Leader-Large Business

For more information contact:

Yadira Monje, EH&S Specialist
Hamilton Sundstrand Worldwide Repair Miramar
3601 Flamingo Rd
Miramar, FL 33027
Business Size: Large
 Hamilton Sundstrand Logo
Pierre Goulet, General Manager (on left) and  Yadira Monje, Environment, Health and Safety Specialist (on right) receive the Emerald Award Trophy from Commissioner Diana Wasserman-Rubin.  Hamilton Sundstrand Receives Their Emerald Award Trophy
Nature of Business: Aircraft repair


Hamilton Sundstrand Worldwide Repair Environmental Accomplishements:

  • Annually establishing stringent goals to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (GHG). As illustrated in the table below, GHG Priority and Emissions come mainly from facility processes using chemical emissions, while GHG in the form of Carbon Dioxide Equivalence come from electricity used in kilowatts per hour translated into GHG emissions.
Categories affecting climate change GHG Emission Goals Actual GHG Emissions
Non-GHG Emissions - Priority 12,295 pounds 0
Non-GHG Air Emissions - Other 3,285 pounds 1,292 pounds
GHG Emissions of Carbon Dioxide Equivalance
(from electricity)
1,873 tonnes e CO2 1,368 tonnes eCO2
  • Annually conduct, track and analyze energy audits
  • Continuously educate employees on climate change and environmental issues during weekly and monthly departmental communication, in addition to an internal monthly newsletter discussing the environment energy savings. Promote “Ride your bike to Work Day”, carpooling and the use of public transportation
  • Use of efficient lighting technologies throughout the facility
  • Turn off all air conditioning units during unoccupied hours
  • Maintenance schedule to repair leaks for our compressed air system as they occur
  • West facing glass has light tint to reduce heat gain
  • Process changes. Originally removed paint from components with methylene chloride, an organic compound thought to be carcinogenic. Changed to cleaning by sand blasting which eliminated an extremely hazardous chemical, but still required disposal of containmated sand. Subsequently changed from sand blasting to baking soda. The spent baking soda is not considered a waste because it is reused as a fire retardant.
  • Certified by the United States Department of Energy for demonstrating exception leadership by completing energy savings assessments through the “Save Energy Now Program.”
  • Recognized by Florida Power and Light for energy conservation and savings
  • Use of two aqueous parts washers, which are less toxic than mineral spirits
  • Other cleaning machines use petroleum solvent which is recycled
  • Elimination of cyclohexane for cleaning purposes
  • Recycle 24,859 pounds in 2009 for the following materials:
  • Steel
    • Aluminum
    • Magnesium
    • Plastic
    • Paper
    • Toner cartridges
    • Batteries
  • Reuse of materials including:
    • Shipping container and boxes
    • Wooden pallets
    • Bubble wrap
    • Drums
    • Batteries
    • Customers are highly encouraged to re-use their containers, Hamilton Sundstrand provides storage for them
  • Installation of sink aerators for water savings
  • Process improvement of cooling tower system. Cooling tower is main water consumption process at Hamilton Sundstrand. Due to evaporation, circulating water requires a make up water supply. Installation of by-pass loop valve converted system to closed-loop, resulting in 18,000 gallons/year water savings and zero discharge to sewer