Water Programs

The Water Programs Section protects the water, aquatic, wetland and tree resources of Broward County through the regulation of surface water management systems, domestic wastewater discharges, non-domestic wastewater discharges, non-point source pollution, dredging projects, wetlands, docks/seawalls and through the enforcement of the Broward County Tree Preservation and Abuse Ordinance.

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Aquatic and Wetlands Resources Program
Contact our program if you want to: 
Dock and Seawall on a Canal• Repair or construct a dock, seawall or boatlift
• Excavate or fill a surface water area
• Dredge at a boat slip
• Construct a dry storage facility for boats
• Reconfigure an existing marina
• Clear vegetation from or place fill on your property
• Obtain a state permit for docks, seawalls or wetland impacts
Domestic Wastewater Licensing
Contact our program if you want to: 
View of domestic wastewater lift station• Construct or modify a sanitary sewer collection system
• Build or modify a wastewater treatment plant
• Construct a reuse transmission system
• Build or modify a reuse treatment facility
• Obtain a state permit for construction of a sanitary sewer
• Renew a license to operate a wastewater or reuse treatment plant
• Follow up on a sanitary sewer complaint
Surface Water Management
Contact our program if you want to:   
Storm Water management structures• Construct or modify a stormwater system
• Obtain an Environmental Resource Permit
• Schedule your construction site inspection
• Convert your construction license to an operating license
• Renew a surface water management license
• Follow up on a surface water management complaint
• Obtain our section's release of your Certificate of Occupancy
• Find information about the FEMA community rating system program for unincorporated Broward County