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 About Us


Our Mission

Protecting public health, safety, and welfare by administering and enforcing rules, policies and ordinances affecting the air, water, aquatic, wetland and tree resources of Broward County and the restoration of the environment.

Our Division Structure

Environmental Engineering and Permitting Division (EEPD) Division sections include: 

Air Licensing & Compliance Section - Air Licensing & Compliance Section responsible for ensuring compliance with federal, state and local air regulations by preventing and controlling emissions from approximately 400 commercial and industrial air pollution sources.  In addition, to ensure that building permit applicants properly account for asbestos concerns, the program requires the timely submittal of asbestos notifications.  

Air Monitoring and Outreach Section - Air Monitoring and Outreach Section dedicated to maintaining the integrity of the air we breathe. This is accomplished through controlling air emissions, monitoring air quality across Broward County, and providing environmental education. Air pollution monitoring stations are constructed and maintained county-wide which measures harmful pollutant concentration on an hourly basis. This section also engages in educational outreach programs of many demographics ranging from school-age kids to civic organizations.

Cleanup and Waste Regulation Section:

  • Environmental Assessment & Remediation Team - Environmental Assessment & Remediation Team responsible for the regulation and cleanup of contaminated sites in Broward County. There are close to 1,000 documented contaminated sites in Broward that are managed and tracked by EAR. In addition to managing the cleanup of contaminated sites, the EAR section also oversees Brownfields and conducts plan reviews. Their services are crucial to a County resident in providing protection of public health and environment.
  • Waste Regulation Team – Waste Regulation Team responsible for administering the licensing and compliance for all solid waste management facilities, waste transporters, borrow pit reclamation areas, and hazardous material transfer stations within Broward County as required under county and state regulations; conducting inspections at all licensed facilities to ensure compliance with environmental regulations;  and administering the state delegated solid waste licensing and compliance program.

Water and Environmental Resource Licensing Section - Water and Environmental Resource Licensing Section protects the water, aquatic, wetland and tree resources of Broward County through the regulation of surface water management systems, domestic wastewater discharges, non-domestic wastewater discharges, non-point source pollution, dredging projects, wetlands, docks/seawalls and through the enforcement of the Broward County Tree Preservation and Abuse Ordinance.