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Air Awareness Month
Air Monitoring
Air Quality
Air Quality Alerts​​
Air Quality Index
Air Toxics Monitoring Network
Alternative Fuel Vehicles
Asbestos Broward County Program
Asbestos Federal EPA Information
Best Management Practices
Car Care Month
Chapter 27: Pollution Control Broward County Code of Ordinances
Contaminated Sites, Frequently Asked Questions
Contaminated Sites, GIS Map
Contaminated Sites, Inventory
Contaminated Sites, Contaminated Locations Database Search
Dewatering, SOP for
Educational Resources - Broward County Air Quality, Public Information and Education
Educational Resources - Broward County Curriculum Resources and Activities
Educational Resources - Environmental Kids Club, Air Quality Issues
Environmental Benchmarks
Environmental Complaint Form
Environmental Remediation Times Newsletter
Fish, Technical Report Series TR: 05-01 Metals in Fish From the North Fork of the New River (pdf) (50 pages, 3,183 KB)
Fish Kills, Common Causes, Pamphlet
Global Warming
Hazardous Materials
Hotline Number 24 hours 954-519-1499
How to File a Complaint Electronically
Indoor Air Quality(US EPA Web site)
Licensing and Permitting
Maps, GIS
Medications - Unwanted Medications and How to Dispose of Them Properly (.pdf, 154 kB)
Monitoring Well Construction (.pdf, 63 kB)
Open Burning
Parking Facility Licensing
Payment by Credit Card
Pollution Prevention Broward County, What is P2?
Pollution Prevention, Federal EPA
Pollution Prevention, State of Florida, Florida Pollution Prevention Roundtable (FLPPR)
Report Pollution, Information You Need to Have
Report Pollution, Examples of Environmental Violations
Report Pollution, Submit a Complaint On-Line
Report Pollution, On-Line Smoking Vehicle Complaint Form
Report Pollution, Monetary Rewards Available
Smoking Vehicles
Solid Waste -- Broward County
Solid Waste -- State of Florida
Sooty Mold
Storage Tanks
Wellfield Protection