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You Can Help the Environment


Looking to learn more about the environment?  Or do you want to learn what changes you can make to minimize your impact on the environment?  This page provides useful links for both.

 Name Description​
Air Quality - Receive alerts when air quality is poor If children, elderly or those with pre-existing health conditions need to take precautions when air quality is poor, EnviroFlash will send them an email about daily air quality.
Alternative Fuel Vehicles  Learn about alternative fuel vehicles, why they are beneficial and where you can find other sources of information.
Coastal Cleanup, International Commemorate the 25-year anniversary of the International Coastal Cleanup on September 25th, as the Ocean Conservancy celebrates the hundreds of thousands of volunteers around the world who have made a difference over the past quarter-century.
Coastal Cleaup, local effort

The Coastal Cleanup will be held on Saturday September 25, 2010 between the hours of 9 am and noon. 

Compare Fuel Economy This web site allows you to compare two vehicles side-by-side. It shows the energy impact in barrels of oil consumed per year and annual tons of CO2 emitted for selected vehicles.  
Drive Less This web page provides methods to reduce your impact on the environment by making better transporation choices.
Eight Great Ways to Reduce Your Fuel Costs (PDF) 50 KB This one-page document gives 8 tips to reduce fuel costs 
Environmental Complaints - Electronic Complaint Form  Report environmental violations on line.
Environmental Complaints - Report Smoking Vehicles  Report smoking vehicles on line.
Environmental Stewardship  This EPA web site provides links on programs that support stewardship and also gives tips for practicing stewardship at home, work, school, in your community and while shopping. 
Gasoline, Improving Mileage This web page gives tips on vehicle maintenance and improved driving to reduce air pollution and increase fuel efficiency. 
Global Warming, Help Prevent it  10 things you can do to prevent climate change
Hazardous Materials, Dos and Don'ts Common substances used at businesses and their proper handling
Know the Flow  This BC web page discusses the link between rain, drainage, flooding, canals, and pollution.  It discusses our responsibility to do our part.
Medications, Proper Disposal (PDF) 154 KB This document, created by the Florida DEP tells you how to properly dispose of unwanted or expired medications 
NatureScape  NatureScape is about creating Florida-friendly landscapes that conserve water, protect water quality, and create wildlife habitat.
NatureScape Landscape Best Management Practices (PDF) 1.51 KB This document offers Best Management Practices for landscaping in Broward County.
New River, Clean it Up (PDF) 20 things you can do to clean up the New River
New River, information about Information about the New River with links to Technical Reports written about it.
Ozone Learn more about ozone, when it is good, when it is bad, and how it can impact your health.  Also learn about the Air Quality Index. 
Prevent Pollution with Less Toxic Alternatives to Household Products (PDF) 81 KB Recipes for cleaners, leather polish, insecticidal oils, wood polish, that are as effective as commercially available products, but which are less toxic.
Prevent Pollution, Home Brewed Pest Control (PDF) 54 KB Recipes to controls pests without the use of pesticides.
Prevent Pollution, Common Sense Pest Control (PDF) 174 KB This 49 page booklet talks about reducing pesticide use with integrated pest management techniques that emphasize physical, biological and cultural pest controls, alternatives to pesticides, and least toxic pesticides.
Report Pollution If you witness environmental violations, please report them to Broward County.  This site tells you what to look for and how to report it.
Transportation Choices for Clean Air This web site lists many transportation options which can reduce fuel costs, increase efficiency, or decrease your impact on the environment.
Trees, Proper Tree Care  Proper tree care includes selecting the right tree for the right place, proper planting, fertilizing, watering and trimming.
Trees, Proper Pruning  This web site discusses the importance of  proper tree pruning principles, pruning prior to storms, avoidance of hat racking and lifting.  Also talks about tree trimmer licensing ordinance.
Trees Trimming, Hire a Broward County Licensed Tree Trimmer This ordinance intends to reduce the frequency of poor pruning practices such as over lifting, rounding, flush cuts, stub cuts, hat racking and other forms of pruning-related tree abuse. To verify a tree trimmer's license, call the Permitting, Licensing, and Consumer Affairs Division at 954-765-4400, option 2.
Wellfields, How You Can Protect Them Learn what steps you can take to protect public wellfields.