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 Regulated Activities



Borrow Pit Reclamation Projects

Borrow pits are regulated aquatic resources created by excavation of land. The process of reclaiming a borrow pit back to land by filling with fill material is referred as a borrow pit reclamation project.


Hazardous Materials Transfer Stations

A transfer station is any site, locatio​n area, or facility whose primary purpose is to store, hold, or process discarded hazardous materials, sludge, or biomedical waste, prior to or during transport to a processing or disposal facility. Excluded from this definition are industrial wastewater treatment systems and industrial wastewater basins.

Solid Waste Management Facilities

Solid waste management facilities are landfills, solid waste disposal areas, borrow pit reclamation areas, compost areas, material recovery areas, volume reduction plants, transfer stations, waste tire processing or collection area, or other facility, the purpose of which is recovery, disposal, recycling, depositing, processing, or storage of solid waste and fill material. The term does not include recovered materials processing facilities.

Waste Transporters

A waste transporter is any person or entity who at any time carries, conveys, bears, or transports discarded hazardous materials, sludge, or biomedical waste for commercial purposes. The Environmental Engineering and Permitting Division (Division) issues licenses to authorize the transportation of these materials to, from and within Broward County.