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Domestic Wastewater Program

The Domestic Wastewater Program's Mission:

We intend to improve the effective conveyance and treatment of domestic wastewater through licensing of soundly engineered collection/transmission and treatment systems, creating a platform for addressing countywide domestic wastewater issues and fostering creative problem solving within and among domestic wastewater service areas.

Program Description: The Domestic Wastewater Program is responsible for licensing all construction of community domestic wastewater collection system expansion and wastewater treatment facilities as delegated by the Florida Department of Environmental Protection and as required under Broward County Code of Ordinances, Chapter 27, Article V. These facilities, if properly constructed, sized, operated and maintained, prevent the release of untreated wastewater (raw sewage) into Broward County 's ground and surface waters. This program also coordinates with the Broward County Health Department, Florida DEP, local utilities and others. Program staff intends to conduct program activities in a responsive, service-oriented and flexible manner resulting in properly constructed, operated and maintained domestic wastewater systems which provide a high level of protection for the environment.

What is Domestic Wastewater?

Every time you flush your toilet, wash your hands, turn on the dishwasher or do your laundry, you are creating domestic wastewater. Before 1950, all domestic wastewater was disposed of through septic systems or direct discharge of treated waste to area waterways. Today, while some Broward residents still use septic tanks, most households are connected through the sanitary sewers to a local utility's sewage treatment plant. Maintenance of the lateral pipe running from the home to sewer service and/or of a septic system is generally the homeowner's responsibility (Permitting information: laterals - contact your local wastewater utility by locating your sanitary sewer provider on the environmental atlas; septic systems - contact the Broward County Branch of the Florida Department of Health at 954/467-4700 for maintenance information or a construction permit). EPGMD's Domestic Wastewater Program licenses all facilities downstream of the lateral including sanitary sewer pipes, pumps, and treatment plants in Broward County.

Local Utility Flows:

New developments and redevelopment projects in Broward County must make a domestic wastewater capacity reservation at the local utility Wastewater Treatment Plant (WWTP) prior to building new structures. The Environmental Engineering and Permitting Division (EEPD) tracks existing flows to the WWTP as well as capacity reserved for new development. When a utility's total % capacity is 90% or more, development interests need to closely coordinate with the utility in their service area to determine if additional treatment or disposal capacity will be available in the future.

The table below was created in in Microsoft Word. To obtain a Microsoft Word reader click on the link below. The "Wastewater Treatment Plant Flows vs. Permitted Capacity" table contains the actual wastewater flow information recorded and submitted by WWTPs. Added to these flows are the committed wastewater flow generation estimates for their service areas. These flow estimates are retrieved from the construction permit applications received at the Building Department for the respective WWTP service areas. The summed wastewater flows are presented in comparison with the permitted capacity. This table will be updated quarterly.

Wastewater Treatment Plant Flows vs. Permitted Capacity  (WORD) 


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