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Family Success Centers


Family Success Centers are a one-stop source of social services information, referrals and services to assist individuals and families in setting goals, learning skills, and accessing the services they need to build a stronger, healthier and self-sufficient family unit. Services include:

  • Integrated Intake, Assessment and Case Management 
  • Rent/Mortgage and Utility Assistance
  • Becoming Self-Sufficient
  • Information and Referrals are provided for:   
    • Job training and employment
    • Housing counseling
    • Legal Aid Services
    • Budget coaching
    • Child care services
    • Children’s services
    • Health services
    • Elderly and veteran services

The centers and on-sight provider agencies provide services to the community in a way that is:

  • Family Centered - Staff will work with you to develop plans and find services to meet your needs and those of your family as well
  • Easy to Access - Centers are strategically located throughout the county.
  • Family Friendly - Centers are designed to provide a respectful, inviting atmosphere where staff are friendly and truly care.
  • Coordinated - Staff from different agencies work together on your behalf to coordinate all the social services you need.

Eligibility Requirements: 

Residents may qualify for emergency assistance if they have recently experienced the following in the past three months:

  • Loss of employment
  • Reduction in household income or unexpected expenses
  • Received eviction notice, mortgage default letter
  • Received past due utility, final or shut-off notices

Required Documents:

Those applying for emergency assistance through the Family Success Centers will need to bring the following documentation:

  1. Current photo identification for head of household
  2. Social Security cards for all family members
  3. Identification for all family members, such as a birth certificate, driver’s license depending upon specific program requirements
  4. Proof of residency, such as lease, rent receipts, utility bills, school or employment records, mortgage statement
  5. Proof of income for the past 60 days or longer, including pay stubs, proof of child support/alimony, award letters from SSA, Veterans, Workers or Unemployment Compensation, proof of self-employment income, tax returns
  6. Proof of assets, if any, including bank/credit union statements, Certificates of Deposit (CD), retirement funds, cash value of life insurance, stocks, bonds, trust funds, ownership of property
  7. Status of any other assistance applied for, such as WAGES, SSI/SSA, Unemployment or Workers Compensation
  8. Proof of expenses for the past 30 days, bring receipts
  9. Proof of unpaid bills; hard copies of rent or mortgage, utility, eviction or foreclosure notices, collection notices
Please review the Information Sheet​, which is a comprehensive overview of the support documents required to determine eligiblity.​

​ ​​​