Case Studies

Below you will find success stories and case studies of companies and local governments that have implemented actions to reduce their carbon footprint.  

leaf Broward County Government Operations


On June 12, 2007, the Broward County Board of County Commissioners (Board) adopted Resolution 2007-391 to reduce greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in Broward County and to support the U.S. Mayors’ Climate Protection Agreement. By promulgating this resolution, Broward County committed to strive to meet or beat the Kyoto Protocol target of reducing GHG emission levels to 7% below 1990 levels by 2012, committed to urge the federal and state government to enact policies and programs to meet the Kyoto Protocol target of GHG reductions at national and state levels, and committed to encourage city and town governments within Broward County to sign on to the Agreement. This resolution establishes the Board’s commitment to climate change protection and creates a framework to guide the planning and implementation of related measures.






leafExamples of businesses that used FPL services for their energy related projects



Project: Stand-By Generation and HVAC Installation

Business: Chicos Retailer

Improvement: Installed a new 1500 kW stand-by generator for the Ft. Myers headquarters to provide complete stand-by or back-up generation. Also installed a new 320 ton air-conditioning system at the Georgia distribution center to convert the facility from a ventilation-only cooling system to an air-conditioned system.

Size: Ft. Myers headquarters - single story structure with multiple offices and open spaces; Georgia Distribution Center - 200,000 square foot warehouse and office space.

Project Costs: $1,644,000

Results: The design-build projects provided complete building stand-by/back-up power to the Headquarters and comfort cooling to the Distribution Center. As a result, Chicos was able to improve their ability to provide 24 hour service to their customers and improve the comfort of their employees.

Project: Facility Upgrade

Business: NASA's Solid Rocket Booster Assembly and Refurbishment Facility, Launch Control Center and Vehicle Assembly Building

Improvement: New chiller condenser pumps, replaced air compressor, lighting upgrades and replacements. Also, removed inefficient chillers and connected three facilities to a central energy plant.

Installation Cost: $3.1 million
Incentive: $46,680
Annual Savings: $442,500
Source: FPL Energy Management

Shaw Industries

In 2006, a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Save En­ergy Now energy assessment was performed at Shaw Industries’ plant #20 in Dalton, Georgia, to identify potential energy savings opportunities in their steam system. DOE Energy Expert George Lee, of the Georgia Institute of Technology, showed the facility’s main­tenance engineers how to analyze the plant’s steam system using DOE’s suite of steam system software tools. By capitalizing on some of these opportunities, plant personnel were able to achieve significant energy savings. 

Implemented: $872,000 annually in energy cost savings
Saved: 93,000 MMBtu equivalent of natural gas
Achieved: a simple  payback of 1.7 years
Source: Department of Energy


Fuji Film- Compressed Air (PDF)

In an attempt to eliminate equipment failures and downtime issues associated with the plant’s compressed air system, FUJIFILM Hunt Chemicals U.S.A.’s in-house maintenance team worked with a team of faculty and students from the Tennessee Technology University Industrial Assessment Center (IAC) to conduct an assessment at its Dayton, Tennessee, facility to identify opportunities for improvement. Following the assessment, the team formulated an implementation plan that would increase the system’s reliability, reduce system maintenance costs, reduce the facility’s overall energy use, and eliminate the use of nitrogen when compressed air systems are down.

Source: Department of Energy


Verizon Data Center

Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and utilizing new, energy-saving technologies are principal environmental objectives for Verizon Communications Inc. In 2008, the company participated in a U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) Industrial Technologies Program energy assessment to examine the energy performance of one of its data centers. The assessment was conducted through Save Energy Now, a national initiative to drive a 25% reduction in industrial energy intensity in 10 years. 

  • Cost Savings $181,500 \
  • Energy Savings 1,540,700 kWh
  • Implementation Costs $235,000
  • Payback 1.3+ Years
  • Source: Department of Energy

leafSuccess Stories of Businesses in Florida that used Energy Star


MicroMICR Corporation

Located in Ft. Lauderdale, FL
4,685 sq. ft. building
Annual Savings: about $1,300
Annual Energy Savings: 19,512 kWh
Prevented 43,000 lbs. of pollution


Source: Energy Star

Cape Canaveral Marine Service Inc.

Located in Cape Canaveral, Florida
16,000 sq. ft. office space
Annual Cash Savings: $15,000
Annual Energy Savings: 215,000 kWh
Payback period: 5 years
Prevented 475,000 lbs. of pollution


Source: Energy Star

Macno Management Company

Located in Mary Esther, Florida
260,000-sq.ft. facility
Annual Cash Savings: $2,992
Annual Energy Savings: 49,866 kWh
Payback period: 0.4 years
Prevented 74,799 pounds of pollution

Source: Energy Star

leafAdditional Case Studies


Department of Energy

These case studies and success stories highlight energy savings achieved by companies that have participated in Save Energy Now energy assessments and used Industrial Technologies Program software tools to improve energy efficiency. 


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