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For Residents 


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A Few Tips for Residents:

  • The third largest energy user in a home is the refrigerator/freezer. To cut down on costs, avoid using multiple refrigerators or freezers. An extra refrigerator that is hardly used can cost up to $100 a year. (Source: Florida Power & Light)
  • To save energy and money, use cold water to wash whenever possible and always use cold water to rinse. (Source: Florida Power & Light)
  • Check out some of the most energy-efficient products that have earned the Energy Star label.

For Businesses

  • For Supermarkets, convenience stores, restaurants or distribution center businesses, refrigeration is essential but can be very expensive. Save up to 50 percent with simple improvements that cut refrigeration unit electricity usage. (Source: Florida Power & Light).
  • To qualify for the ENERGY STAR label, an appliance must meet energy and water efficiency standards set by the federal government (a minimum of 20% more efficienct than standard models). These appliances use less energy or less water than standard appliances, and thus help consumers save money each month on their utility bills. (Source: ENERGY STAR)