Best Management Practice: Native Landscaping and Urban Agriculture
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New Broward County Landscape Code

Broward County’s NatureScape Program
NatureScape is about creating Florida-friendly landscapes that conserve water, protect water quality, and create wildlife habitat.  

Florida-Friendly Landscaping (UF/SFWMD/FL DEP)
Tips on Native Landscaping, a Florida Friendly Plant Database, and a Professionals Corner for developers and landscapers. Check out the Interactive Yard, an online tool that takes you through the steps of transforming a lawn into an environmental backyard. Florida Yards is a partnership between the University of Florida, Southwest Florida Water Management District and Florida Department of Environmental Protection.

Florida Friendly Landscaping Program (UF/IFAS Extension)
For homeowners and commercial audiences, this website is an overview of best management practices for protection of water resources by the following 9 principles:

     Also check out their collection of useful resources and publications:

Earth Learning (The Greater Everglades Foodshed Project)
A collaborative dedicated to growing a life-sustaining culture in the Greater Everglades bioregion. 

City of Miramar - Tree Damage Prevention
Website educates citizens on how to properly care for shade trees.

Miramar Community Garden
This 3,150 s.f. community garden is a demonstration “micro farming system”; an environmentally and economically sustainable system that creates a network of healthy food sources of naturally grown vegetables and fruits, a social network for garden volunteers to learn about the urban agricultural industry and the opportunity for vocational training.

Town of Davie - Wildlife Habitat Community Project
The Town of Davie’s community project is called Welcoming Wildlife Into Natural Davie (WWIND) and works closely with Broward County’s NatureScape staff. WWIND is a group of volunteers who serve as mentors for individuals and groups as they create wildlife habitats at: homes, schools, and places of employment, recreation, and worship. A joint effort between the Town of Davie, the South Florida Audubon Society and the Florida Forest Service, the project aims to make Davie a nationally recognized wildlife habitat community. Through this program, citizens are educated and mentored on best landscaping practices, encouraged to get certified through the National Wildlife Federation, and incentivized with FREE native plants and shrubs for their yards.  

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