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Resources for Broward's Municipalities

Broward County presents the contents of this webpage as a resource to our local municipalities, citizens, non-profits and other partners who work every day to make our community a more sustainable place to live.

  • See local sustainability strategies in action in the Municipal Green Initiatives Survey
  • Connect with other “Sustainability Stewards” through the Workshop Series
  • Learn more about community-wide initiatives and grant opportunities
  • Access a Clearinghouse of Best Management Practices for a variety of topic areas
In the News


Climate Change Element (CCE) / Land Use Plan (LUP)

The Broward County Commission passed the Climate Change Element into the Broward County Comprehensive Plan and also the Land Use Plan and Priority Planning Areas Map Amendments.   Climate change concerns and mitigation / adaptation strategies are now incorporated into the Broward County planning process. More... 

Broward MPO Adopts Complete Streets Guidelines

As part of the Transforming Our Community’s Health (TOUCH) Initiative, the Broward Metropolitan Planning Organization has developed Complete Streets Guidelines to empower local governments to design, construct and operate streets to meet the demands of all transportation modes and all users, of all abilities. Fitting into the goals of the grant to create healthy and safe places that support active lifestyles, the guidelines include recommended traffic calming measures; pedestrian, bicycle and public transportation improvements; environmental enhancements; roadway design; and public outreach tools to help communities shift from an autocentric focus to one that includes all modes. More…

Broward Energy and Sustainability Program Wins 2012 NACo Award
Broward County’s Energy and Sustainability Program has won a 2012 Achievement Award by the National Association of Counties for their Community-wide Energy and Sustainability Survey. The project was noteworthy for its promotion of intergovernmental cooperation and for providing information that facilitates effective public policy making. 

New Coconut Creek Public Works Building Aims For LEED® Silver Designation

A new Coconut Creek Public Works Building will include many sustainable building practices and is proposed to meet LEED® Silver designation.  Some of the “green” elements incorporated into the project are parking for fuel efficient vehicles, architectural green screen affixed to the outside to cool the building, north facing curtain windows, and flat roof design to collect rainwater.   As of November 2011, the LEED® for New Construction checklist for the project indicates a total of 54 points with the possibility of an additional 13 points.

Attend a Sustainability Stewards Workshop

The 2012 workshop series featured a variety of sustainability topics, including energy and water conservation, climate change and adaptation planning, and green building and government retrofits. The 2013 workshop series has included topics such as waste management, transportation, and incorperating the new Climate Change Element into local comprehensive plans. For more details on upcoming events, or to be added to the email invitation list, contact Jill Horwitz, Broward County Energy and Sustainability Program.

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