Municipal Green Initiatives Survey
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Do you know how GREEN Broward’s cities are?

Since 2011, Broward County’s Energy and Sustainability Program has performed a Municipal Green Initiatives Survey, working with our 31 municipalities to assess and advance the community’s collective sustainability goals and initiatives.

The accomplishment of the 2011 survey generated the momentum for a new paradigm in collaborative resource sharing and program advancement. The effort has become a nationally-recognized model of intergovernmental cooperation, winning a 2012 Achievement Award by the National Association of Counties. To view the original 2011 Municipal Green Initiatives Survey Report, please click here.

The 2013 Municipal Green Initiatives Survey is the first re-issue of the original 2011 survey. Questions cover a broad range of topics in sustainability, including: Greenhouse Gas Emissions, Energy Conservation and Renewables, Transportation, the Built Environment, Water Conservation, Waste Reduction/Recycling, and Climate Change Planning.

The 2013 survey expanded the scope and participation of the original survey. Improvements include:

  • Normalized data to reflect all 32 local governments (including Broward County) in every question.
  • Expanded participation by community partners from our leaders in higher education.
  • Additional questions to capture new and emerging fields of sustainability.
  • More opportunities to showcase key projects and program achievement through case study reporting.
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A new report, titled 2013 Municipal Green Initiatives in Broward County, Florida: Local Governments in Action provides a snapshot of the growing efforts to achieve sustainability in our community. By repeating the survey, we are able to cross-reference municipal actions across years, benchmark our efforts, and measure our successes. Since the original Municipal Green Initiatives Survey was performed in 2011, Broward County and our 31 municipalities have come a long way, working together to assess and advance our community’s collective sustainability goals and initiatives.

Overall, we have seen a trend to:

  • Fund sustainability initiatives through general funds, local grants and cost share strategies.
  • Utilize greenhouse gas emission inventories to set program goals and measure progress.
  • Take steps to increase urban forests and create more walkable livable communities through landscape codes, community gardens, complete streets programs and other activities.
  • Roll-out waste reducing measures, such as automated collection and recycling rewards programs.
  • Provide efficient and convenient services to the community, such as Electronic Permitting.
  • Participate in regional water and climate advisory groups, training opportunities, and planning efforts, such as NatureScape Broward and the Mayor’s Climate Action Pledge.

See how your city stacks up.

Compare your efforts with that of your neighboring municipality in this easy to ready table:
2013 Matrix of Municipal Green Initiatives in Broward County

For more detailed project information, please contact the municipality’s survey liaison directly, using the
2013 Survey Participant Contact List.

Reference the 2011 Survey Results using:
2011 Report “Sustainability in Broward County Florida: Local Government in Action”
2011 Matrix of Municipal Green Initiatives in Broward County
2011 Survey Participant Contact List


The information and case studies included in both reports will continue to inform and inspire activities, pushing the needle further to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of our programs, and - ultimately – the health, vitality, resiliency, and sustainability of our collective Broward community.

Thank you to all our participants and partners in the cities and community who are helping us make
Broward County a more energy efficient and sustainable place to live, every day!