Green Business

Green Business

Getting Down to Green Business

Local businesses and industries that contribute to Broward County’s economy can contribute to a more sustainable community by choosing to go green. This Green Business web site has information and resources to help local businesses save money, increase profit, improve air quality and support climate protection. Businesses can find information on best practices and useful strategies to reduce their carbon footprint by conserving water and electricity, reducing waste and recycling, and making smart transportation choices. 

Green business practices help reduce operating costs and protect our natural resources. Broward County invites you to tell us what your business is doing to go green.

Businesses Encouraged to Apply for Environmental Excellence Program

Local businesses committed to protecting the environment are encouraged to apply now to be recognized by Broward County’s Emerald Award Environmental Excellence Program. Created by the Broward County Pollution Prevention, Remediation and Air Quality Division, the program honors businesses, government or organizations and individuals who demonstrate an exceptional commitment to protecting and preserving the environment. Applications are due by November 30.

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