Community Energy Strategic Plan

​Our Energy Vision

Broward County is evolving toward a climate resilient community promoting a culture of energy conservation, efficiency, and increased use of renewable energy sources.

A climate resilient community is better able to recover from disasters and disruptions in a sustainable way. For a community to be considered resilient it has to achieve greater energy independence by transitioning to renewable forms of energy, protecting against price spikes, and ensuring more reliable power during possible disruptions. A resilient community also includes energy efficiency and conservation programs for the community.

The Community Energy Strategic Plan “CESP” is an action plan focused on achieving key objectives to address climate change through energy use stewardship.
CESP sets a vision for Broward County to demonstrate community climate resilience by implementing best practices promoting energy efficiency and conservation, and increasing use of renewable energy sources.
CESP provides a roadmap with a focus and “call-to-action” to guide community-wide efforts to share in a defined energy vision.
CESP challenges our community to thirteen actions necessary to meet the community’s greenhouse gas reduction goals.

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