Tips for Kids

Hey kids! There are many resources available to aid you in your search to conserve and be energy efficient. Below are just a few great websites we have found which can get you started:

Energy Star

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

U.S. Department of Energy

Energy Quest

U.S. Energy Information Administration

Energy Hogs

Tennesee Valley Authority

Tennesee Valley Authority: How You Can Save Energy

Broward County Public Schools

National Geographic: Power-Saving Tips

What You Can Do: Energy Savings Tips For Kids

Science Kids: Energy Savings Tips

Group of Companies: Kids' Energy Savings Tips

Kids Energy Zone: Touchstone Energy

Alliant Energy Kids: What is Renewable Energy?

EcoKids: How Energy Efficient Are You?

E-On: Energy Home

Saving Energy at Home and School

Exceptional Energy Savings Tips for Kids

White River Valley Electric Cooperative: Energy Efficiency Tips for Ordinary Households

The Public Service of New Hampshire: Energy Efficiency for Kids

Avista Utilities: Energy Savings

Sturgeon Bay Utilities: Energy Tips for Kids

Southern Pine Electric Cooperative: Energy Efficiency Tips for Ordinary Households

Dominion: Everyday Energy-Saving Tips for Every Day of the Year

What You Can Do At Home To Save Electricity

19 Free Energy-Saving Tips

Kids' Koener: The Power of Clean Energy

The California Energy Commission: Summertime Energy Saving Tips

Energy Savers Booklet

How to Reduce Your Energy Consumption

New York State: Energy Saving Solutions

Energy Efficient Education: Are You an Energy Saver STAR?

River Falls Municipal Utilities: Energy Tips for Kids

PBS Kids: Electricity Saving Lesson Plans for Kids

New Holstein Utilities: Energy Saving Tips

Energy Savers Unite


You can do at least

ONE thing every day

 to save money

and the environment

and make a difference!