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Online Permitting

Welcome to GoSolar Florida Online Permitting System for solar panel (photovoltaic) permitting. This system may be used by licensed contractors to request permits for residential and commercial properties.
Requesting Permits
This system provides a one-stop solar permitting process using standard permit application forms and the permitting systems of participating governmental authorities having jurisdiction. 
  • To determine whether you may use this system for your permit, please review the “Should I Use Checklist and Required Documents” by clicking below.
  • Please note, this system my not be able to be used if the property where the solar panel(s) will be installed is within a special district, such as a historic district. (For installations in special districts please contact the jurisdiction having authority or apply in person). 
  • Use the GoSolar Florida Permitting System and Plans System to generate a set of PDF plans, and then apply for permits using those plans by up-loading them with the permit application. 
  • Apply in person or contact jurisdiction having authority if there are questions about permits for installations that are NOT typical or supported by the GoSolar Florida Plans System. 
Requirements of Use 
Use of this system requires:
  • Valid solar or electrical contractor’s license
  • Project is located within the jurisdiction of a participating agency​​