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Go SOLAR Florida Receives Department of Energy Award

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has awarded the Go SOLAR – Florida team a $1.575 million, two and a half year SunShot Initiative Rooftop Solar Challenge II competitive award to make it easier for Floridians to obtain grid-tied solar installations. The purpose of the award is to increase the use of and access to solar energy among the state’s residents and businesses by reducing market barriers, lowering non-hardware related installation costs and providing access to financing options. More. . .

Go SOLAR Florida Team Develops Florida Solar Financing Action Plan

This report seeks to explore and explain a variety of financing options for all levels of governments, as well as homeowners and businesses, but it focuses primarily on actions local governments can take under existing state and federal law. Although it is hoped that local governments, the Florida Legislature, homeowners, and businesses will choose to employ some of these strategies to expand solar PV energy in Florida, this Plan does not take a position on which options are best. More... 

Solar Talking Points

Broward County is working to increase rooftop solar photovoltaic installations throughout the State of Florida. Accordingly, Power Purchase Agreements and the retention of net metering are important issues within the state that may have an impact on solar in the future.  This discussion may help you to understand this complicated issue.

Solar Talking Points

Second Annual Go SOLAR Renewable Energy Fest was a shining success!

The Go SOLAR Florida Team hosted the second annual Go SOLAR and Renewable Energy Fest on June 6-7 at the Greater Fort Lauderdale/Broward County Convention Center. The FREE event featured information on alternative and renewable energy with a focus on the latest technologies, financing options and solar installation jobs and training. It is quickly becoming the premier event in South Florida to promote renewable energy and learn how to save money while using cleaner sources of energy. The Go SOLAR and Renewable Energy Fest had over 65 local, national, and international renewable energy exhibitors, 42 esteemed speakers, and over 1700 attendees over the two-day conference. Please stay tuned to the event webpage over the next few weeks for video and pictures from the event. In addition, the PowerPoint presentations from all of the sessions along with the recordings will be posted. More...

Go SOLAR Florida Draft Charter

This Charter Document, a living document that will be revised as necessary to track program changes, provides a brief synopsis of the Go Solar – Florida project, identifies key players, and summarizes key partner responsibilities. More. . .