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Florida Supreme Court Clears Hurdle to PACE

Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) programs can be an effective financing tool for local governments to fund energy efficiency and storm hardening.  It reduces major barriers in upfront costs for clean energy.  PACE Programs can be funded through bonds, private capital, general revenue, and other sources.  Property owners repay the debt on the bond in fixed payments as a “special assessment” that is part of the property tax bill.

Broward County Board of County Commissioners voted unanimously on October 8, 2013 to establish a commercial and residential Property Assessed Clean Energy (PACE) Program. The County received permission to engage vendors to administer the programs which will be available once Broward County enters into these agreements in about six months.

Broward County has taken significant steps towards establishing a PACE program, but it is not yet operational. The Broward County Commission directed staff to negotiate with two third-party administrators to offer PACE financing within the County. If PACE financing is approved by the Board of County Commissioners, property owners will be able to assess both administrators’ offerings and select the financing arrangement that suits them best.

In October 2014, the Florida Bankers Association filed a lawsuit asserting that the Florida Property Assessed Clean Energy Act unconstitutionally allows PACE special assessments to take priority over other property liens, such as mortgage loans. On October 22, 2015, the Florida Supreme Court decision could clear the way for PACE in Broward County.  

Alachua and Broward County Provide Joint Response to Florida Public Service Commission

On April 23 2015, the Florida Public Service Commission requested comments from all interested parties regarding enhancing development of solar technologies in Florida. The response from Alachua and Broward County is below.

Alachua - Broward County Solar PSC Comments (PDF-173KB)

Go SOLAR Florida Team Develops Florida Solar Financing Action Plan

This report seeks to explore and explain a variety of financing options for all levels of governments, as well as homeowners and businesses, but it focuses primarily on actions local governments can take under existing state and federal law. Although it is hoped that local governments, the Florida Legislature, homeowners, and businesses will choose to employ some of these strategies to expand solar PV energy in Florida, this Plan does not take a position on which options are best. More... 

Solar Talking Points

Broward County is working to increase rooftop solar photovoltaic installations throughout the State of Florida. Accordingly, Power Purchase Agreements and the retention of net metering are important issues within the state that may have an impact on solar in the future.  This discussion may help you to understand this complicated issue.

Solar Talking Points

Go SOLAR Florida Draft Charter

This Charter Document, a living document that will be revised as necessary to track program changes, provides a brief synopsis of the Go Solar – Florida project, identifies key players, and summarizes key partner responsibilities. More. . .