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Permitting Systems Team Leader: Michael Huneke

Broward County will provide technical assistance to partner counties and make available all policies, procedures, and software tools related to its Go SOLAR–Broward efforts in order to expand the Broward model to all partners.
Broward will share lessons learned, tools developed, and address any questions with partnering counties.
In order to implement Go SOLAR Florida two teams have been formed, one to address a standard permitting system for rooftop PV installations and one for the creation of a structural and electrical plans engine.

Permitting/Application Team: Partner staff are working to standardize an online permitting solution while at the same time making it more economical, efficient and customer-friendly. Each Go SOLAR-Florida partner will use this solution to design and implement an online permitting system that simplifies the application and review process for rooftop PV systems. Below is a link to the Business Requirements Document that gives more information and details about the Go SOLAR Florida Permitting Solution.

Permitting Business Requirements.pdf (1.03MB)

Plans/Plans Approval Team: Partner staff and the Florida Solar Energy Center (FSEC) are working to establish an electrical and structural plans generator where contractors can enter a set of technical parameters and receive a set of rooftop PV design plans. The team is also working to establish a protocol for accepting and approving structural and electrical design plans.

FSEC will assume responsibility for warehousing the plans system online, and conducting training for engineers, field inspectors, and building officials on how to interface with the Go SOLAR Florida permitting and plans system. Below is a link to the business requirements document that gives more information and details about the Go SOLAR Florida Plans Engine.

Go SOLAR Florida BOAF Flyer.pdf (259 KB)

PV System Design (Plans) Business Requirements.pdf (466KB)

FSEC Certification Go Solar Plans presentation.pdf (5.13MB)