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Awards and Recognitions

Awards and Recognitions

Energy Sustainability Program Named Green Initiative of the Year

Broward County’s Energy and Sustainability Program (ESP) received the Green Initiative of the Year Award from the American Society of Civil Engineers Broward Branch. The award recognizes ESP’s work on promoting green alternatives in civil engineering. Key accomplishments include developing a unified sea level rise projection for Southeast Florida, guiding a regional sea level rise vulnerability analysis, coordinating implementation of the 126 recommendations of the Climate Change Action Plan and implementing the County’s $1.24 million Energy Efficiency and Conservation Block Grant, including the Energy Sense Appliance Rebate Program. Grant activities underway include drafting a climate change element for the Broward County Comprehensive Plan, and compiling a survey of the extensive green initiatives undertaken by Broward’s 31 municipalities.

Artificial Tire Reef Cleanup Team Receives Coastal America Award

Environmental Protection and Growth Management Department's Artificial Tire Reef Cleanup team received a Coastal America Partnership award for their effort to restore and protect the coastal environment. The award recognizes the team's efforts to remove failed and destructive artificial reef made of tires, thereby protecting the fragile natural coral reef communities. Coastal America is a partnership among federal, state and local governments and private alliances to collaboratively address environmental issues.

The Pollution Prevention, Remediation and Air Quality Division received three awards From the National Association of County Information Officers (NACIO). The division received an excellence award for the electronic Environmental Character Newsletter for Teachers, which incorporate character traits as it relates to core values that support environmental protection and stewardship in the County. a meritorious award was given for the Conservation and Climate Change Challenge, which is an educational competition intended to engage students, school administrators, staff, and parents in practical strategies to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) and other GHG emissions school-wide and at home. A superior awarded was given for the C3 Challenge Educational Tool Kit.

Pollution, Prevention, Remediation and Air Quality Honored For Environmental Efforts

Pollution Prevention, Remediation and Air Quality Division received two awards in from the North American Hazardous Materials Management Association: the President’s Award, for overall efforts and exceeding expectations within a challenging fiscal budget year, and the Conditionally Exempt Small Quantity Generator — Pollution Prevention Award, for oversight of the implementation of a By-Pass Oil Filtration System. Despite shrinking budgets, the Division completed 100 percent of the Florida Department of Environmental Protection Storage Tank Facility Inspection Task Assignment and exceeded goals for other state and local requirements, completed 5,146 multimedia site inspections and saved $28,000 in operational costs. The By-Pass Oil Filtration System saved $6,300 by reducing oil consumption, reduced the amount of used oil generated by 96 percent, and reduced purchasing of new oil by 97 percent.

Emerald Award Program Recognizes Local Businesses and Homeowners 

The Pollution Prevention, Remediation and Air Quality Division’s annual Emerald Awards program recognizes large and small businesses for their voluntary efforts in waste reduction, recycling, improved operating practices, and other “green” strategies that reduce pollution and waste. One business each year is also named “Environmental Business of the Year.”

Naturescape logoThe program includes a component to reward homeowners, governments and other groups that have incorporated NatureScape Broward techniques into their landscaping. NatureScape yards are designed to conserve water by using native plants in place of lawn; provide food, water and shelter for wildlife; use integrated pest control practices; reduce stormwater contaminated by pesticides and fertilizers; and recycle yard waste into mulch and compost. For more information, visit the Environmental Protection Web site or call 954-519-1257.

Libraries Recognized for Reducing Dependency on Print

Libraries Division was featured in PRNews’ Going Green: Case Studies in Outstanding Green Business Practices, for “Transforming a Library’s Web Site, Reducing Dependency on Print.” Since 2004, the number of visitors to the Library’s Web site has increased from 30,000 per month to almost 350,000 per month, and page views from 50,000 to nearly one million.

Broward Leads Nation in Wildlife Habitat Certification

Broward Leads Nation in Wildlife Habitat CertificationIn 2005, Broward County was the first county in the country to be certified by the National Wildlife Federation as a Community Wildlife Habitat.